January 11, 2022

Google Web Crawling Types – Discovery and Refresh

Google web crawling is of two types. One is Discovery that crawls new content, and the other is the Refresh that crawls refreshed content.

Both Discovery and Refresh web crawling are important for Google and web admins.

Google Web Crawling Types – Discovery and Refresh: eAskme
Google Web Crawling Types – Discovery and Refresh: eAskme

John Muller explained it during the Google Search Central SEO office hangout on 7th January 2022.

During Muller’s hangout, an SEO professional asked him how many times Google web crawler crawls his website.

We already know that Google crawling increases when you publish more content daily, decreasing when you publish less content.

Muller has explained that an increase or decrease in crawl rate is natural as Google performs two types of web crawling.

And, it is time that you should learn how Google crawls your website.

Googlebot Crawling Types:

You can check Google web crawling in your Google Search Console report. You will see that sometimes Google crawls the content quickly and sometimes takes days.

Muller has spoken about these web crawling fluctuations.

He said that Google has two types of web crawlers:

Discovery Web crawling:

One is Discovery that crawls new pages of the website.

Refresh Web Crawling:

Another one is the refresh crawl that crawls updated existing pages of the website.

Crawl frequency depends upon many factors, including the site and the individual pages.

The page that gets maximum updates gets maximum web crawling.

The Google refresh crawler will crawl the homepage more often if it gets regular updates. And if you are publishing new post links on the homepage, then Google Discovery crawler will crawl them.

Certain websites get more crawling such as news websites.

Googlebot can easily identify when you have published the new content and refreshed the old content. And it changes the crawl rate according to that.


Muller has cleared that you should not worry about Googlebot crawling rate.

You may find that Google has crawled your website but has not updated new search links. It is because that discover crawler has not visited your website.

In short, Googlebot crawling rate has nothing to do with content quality.

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