December 01, 2021

Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site

If you are a blogger, then you probably understand the importance of ranking high in Google search. Google is the giant search engine, and you do not want to lose your Google search ranking or do something that will invite Google to punish your blogs.
No matter you are a newbie or an established blogger when it comes to being professional, there are things that every single blogger should take care of.
When working on a blog, it is really necessary to work according to the search engine rules or work according to Google policies.
You may have heard about Google updates that Google runs every year to analyze the quality of blogs to make the high-quality content rank higher and low-quality content fall in doom.
Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site: eAskme
Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site: eAskme
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Do you want to lose your Google search ranking?


It means you should read this article carefully to understand the mistakes that invite Google to punish your blog are.

Google can remove your content from Google search results or, in worse cases, ban your site from Google search.

Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site:

Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site: eAskme

Let`s see what the mistakes you are making that can cause a Google penalty on your blog are.

1) Duplicate content:

If you are a newbie, you may not be aware that duplicate content can cause you DMCA penalty and make Google hit your site hard. Duplicate content is an invitation to Google to punish your blog content.
If you are running a blog on Blogger, then Google may completely remove your blog from their platform, and you can do nothing about it, or it can simply downgrade your search ranking.
If you have a blog on a self-hosted platform such as WordPress, you may not lose the blog, but you still get penalized for your Google search ranking.

Remember: No content is much better than duplicate content.
If you do not know whether your blog has duplicate content, you can check it on copy content checker tools.

2) Keyword Stuffing:

Are you thinking that adding the main keyword multiple times will help you rank higher in Google search?

If yes, then I must say “OMG”.
Keywords are important.
But, keyword stuffing is the big reason why most of the sites get penalized by Google algorithms. There is no doubt that keyword helps you to attract target reader.
But, when you overdo it, you are just inviting Google bots to find out about your evil skills and beat your blog down to the end of the list.
Tip: If you want to use the keyword multiple times in your blog, first increase the word count and use LSI keywords to make things natural.
You can use keyword density checker tools to analyze the keyword density of your article.

3) Poor or spammy backlink profile:

Now you may ask, what is the poor or spammy backlink profile?

In simple words, if you are getting tons of backlinks from poor quality or think resources, then you are making a big mistake which will lead your blog to a Google penalty.

Are you doing following things just for the sake of backlinks:
  1.  Blog commenting
  2.  Forum posting
  3.  Directory submissions
If you are doing such things that mean, you are showing the true color of your backlink strategy to Google. Once Google will find out, it will make you cry for your mistakes.

I am not saying that you should not comment on blog.

Actually you should, but spam commenting tells your story.

Remember: When commenting on a blog always think about adding value, not just about backlinks.

Also manage the dofollow and nofollow ratio of your backlinks.

There are people who think that only paid links invite penalty.

Let me tell you that any kind of link which is spammy or of no value is enough to invite Google to punish your blog or website.

Here I have: Free Best Online Backlink Checker Tools for you to check your backlink profile.
  • How to improve backlink profile:

  • Use Google disavow tool for spammy backlinks.

  • Ask the webmaster to remove your link

  • Focus on getting links from high quality sites.

  • Only buy backlinks from high quality sites with permanent nature.

4) Hacked or malicious code:

If your blog or site is hacked or you have some malicious code, you will easily fall into the hands of Google algorithm updates.
It is your job to keep your website secure.

If you are not sure whether your site has some malicious code or not, then you can check it on Sucuri SiteCheck. It is a Free Website Malware Scanner.

If you are not sure that your site has some malicious code or not, then you can check it on Sucuri . It is a Free Website Malware Scanner.

5) Misusing the anchor text:

Do you think that using the same anchor text everywhere will help to improve your search engine ranking?

If yes, then I say “NO”.

If you are doing so, you tell Google that you are in black hat SEO, and it should punish you.

For God`s sake, stop doing it.

Be genuine and only use the anchor tag, which is necessary. You can use LSI keywords in anchor tags to link the same article multiple times.

6) Too Many Ads:

I know you want to make money blogging, but do you think adding too many ads makes the user click on them.

Hell no.
If you are using too many ads, you are forcing the ads on the reader.
Stop doing it right now.
Only show relevant ads or use Google Adsense Heatmap to plan where you should show ads.
Though Google has removed the limit of showing ads per page, the best practice is to offer 3 ads on a page.
You can also use affiliate marketing to boost your earning.

7) High Bounce Rate:

How do you find out that your readers are interested in what you are writing or not?

The easiest way is to look at your bounce rate.

A high bounce rate means that readers close your blog too early as they do not find the content relevant or are fed up watching the same thing everywhere.

A high bounce rate tells that you need to work hard to please your readers.

If you cannot make your readers happy, then how can you make Google happy?

Google is all about quality and value.

If you are not delivering it, that means Google doesn`t want you to be in the first place.

I always say that focus more on your readers than SEO.

Bring quality and uniqueness to your content.

8) Blog/Site optimization:

If I visit your site or blog and see that I can’t navigate easily or the website is too slow, do you think I will ever visit your site again?

90% times, I will not.


Because I don`t have time to waste looking at a highly unmanaged site, that means you are giving me a bad user experience.

When I say bad user experience, that means Google is going to knock the door down and hit your blog harder.

Save your blog from disaster.

Optimize your site not just for SEO but also optimize design, make it responsive and improve site speed.

Here I have something for you that will help you to optimize your blog:
Now you know, what are the 8 mistakes that invite Google to punish your blog?

Also, remember: Don’t be afraid of Google algorithms. Google is your friend, and just don`t cheat him and add value to the user.

Do you have any questions, feel free to ask me via comments.

What do you know about Google algorithms? Has your site ever been penalized by Google? How have you fixed that?

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