April 09, 2022

GGMasters Overlay Edition: Negreanu Second, 'Sr_Duck' Wins

The development of the online poker industry is seeing an actual race for whoever organizes the biggest tournament among the various gambling portals - and everyone is doing their best to outdo the others.

This time around, GGPoker almost pulled it off - an effort so extensive and successful that its ambassador, Daniel Negreanu, almost lost his hair. But let's go in order.

GGMasters Overlay Edition: Negreanu Second, 'Sr_Duck' Wins: eAskme
GGMasters Overlay Edition: Negreanu Second, 'Sr_Duck' Wins: eAskme

The GGMaster tournament almost touched the $5 million prize pool.

The project was ambitious, and GGPoker - and you can read more about the activities of this organization and its role in organizing the best tournaments and events of the poker world on ggpoker.com - had raised the bar: to reach $5 million in prizes with a freezeout buy-in of $150 - and the richness of the awards meant that the tournament was packed with entries, despite the strict entry conditions: no re-entries were allowed.

Indeed, the goal seemed unattainable - so much so that even one of GGPoker's ambassadors, Daniel Negreanu, undoubtedly a person who is used to betting, had made a singular public statement - that is, if the tournament reaches the guarantee, I'll shave my head.

To Negreanu's delight, his bet was won, albeit just barely. The target number of participants in the tournament, taking into account all fees, was 36,000 - a vast number, and it was almost reached: at the end of the day, 33,133 players were participating in the tournament.

It's a considerable number, and I never thought that so many people would come and play; it's certainly a great way to give the players the appreciation and trust they've shown," Negreanu would later say.

The massive participation in the tournament saw GGPoker having to invest very little to cover the overlay.

This was the second edition of this event, and given its success, it is virtually confident that our friend Negreanu will not be making such bets next time.

How the tournament unfolded:

Our poker legend - still with his hair - did not directly participate in the event, won by Sr_Duck from Albania, who took home a haul of almost $350,000. But thanks to the wealth of prizes guaranteed by the massive prize pool, none of the winners were disappointed.

The tournament took place over two days, March 20 and 21.

The first day saw three different flights, Asia, Europe, and America, while the second day was the final round.

In addition to the $150 buy-in, the tournament had previously offered a full schedule of eliminations starting with chips at prevalent prices - down to $2 - in short, as some of the journalists in the poker industry called it, "Free Money!"

GGPoker is a serious business:

GGPoker representatives commented on the event as a great success. GGPoker's Head of Public Relations, Paul Burke, confirmed that the company had been amazed by the event's huge success, but delightfully so.

This demonstrated the favor garnered by GGPoker and its initiatives during its operations.

The GGMasters Overlay edition tournament debuted in 2020.

It immediately impressed the gambling world with its success, as it is almost unique in poker tournaments open to everyone, regardless of their level, with such a high prize pool.

And it is but the latest event that has taken it up the ranks of Poker portals to the point of being one of the world's top companies.

Since its debut in 2014, Good Game Network has made huge strides, moving out of its original scope of Asia and China and expanding its business to become one of the most highly regarded companies on the online poker circuit.

According to GameIntel data, within the past year, GGPoker's event gaming traffic has tripled from 1240 seats to 3730 today - and if it continues like this, we'll see more of the same in the future.

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