January 19, 2021

What Poker can Teach us About WebMarketing

By Sona Mathews

Playing cards is not a hobby that you imagine to be frozen in time or out of fashion. They have managed to make their transformation based on both the expectations of their audience and the use of new technologies to grow and generate interest.

What Poker can Teach us About WebMarketing: eAskme
What Poker can Teach us About WebMarketing: eAskme

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For example, by making it possible to make poker free online, the various players in the field, as Winamax, Betiton.com or Pokerstars, have had a stroke of genius.

This new accessibility was going to cause the number of players worldwide to explode.

Proof that the world of poker has a lot to teach us about web marketing.

Social networks as a promotional tool

During the 2000s, a legal uncertainty existed around the different platforms allowing you to play poker on the Internet.

Before the creation of the ARJEL in 2010 (which has since become the ANJ with other prerogatives) in some Eurpean countries and other regulating authorities for gambling in Ireland and in the USA, for example, which were to officially regulate and give authorizations to practice poker legally, specialized operators were able to use the power of social networks to create an audience for themselves.

Why, when they still had nothing to sell in these countries?

Quite simply by anticipation to obtain a solid base of future consumers, almost already loyalized by the often funny and offbeat discourse of these brands on social networks.

The other element that it is also interesting to highlight is their ability to know how to use the right formats according to the type of social platforms used.

As early as 2010, they have been able to implement adapted content, whether it be a cynical little sentence thrown out by a pro on Twitter, a short bluff video on Facebook, or a live Instagram that lets you experience a poker tournament in Las Vegas from the inside.

At the time, few brands really knew how to use the power of social platforms.

Analysis, reflection, risk-taking: the qualities of a player adaptable to the webmarketer

When you take a close interest in webmarketing, you often realize that the knowledge is not only available in the top worldwide business schools, but also free online as on our blog or simply in your daily activities.

Poker is a perfect example, as it teaches you basic marketing principles such as SWOT analysis. This matrix, which demonstrates strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, is an exercise carried out in each hand by the poker player who will adapt his game according to his own game.

Spending hours behind a poker table will allow you to have hundreds of thought-provoking combos. Enough to make you progress on this aspect at high speed.

Even better, this game involves more or less calculated risk-taking, managing emotions at all times and a good understanding of your opponents' behaviour. We are clearly entering into a psychological aspect that is highly important in the field of web marketing.

For the web marketer, the Internet is a tool for promoting and developing his activity. But to do so, he must understand his target audience, attract them, know how to talk to them, convince them and finally sell them his idea.

You now see the parallel with a player who understands what cards his opponent has in his hands, wants him to participate and make the pot of chips grow, bluff him and get him to play when he is clearly a loser.

Poker will therefore teach you to juggle your emotional and Cartesian intelligence and above all to get to know your opponents better.

These lessons will also be useful to you in areas wider than webmarketing, as proven by the professional success of the best players in areas such as commerce or new technologies.

The world of poker has been able to seize every possible technological and societal opportunity.

From the advent of televised tournaments, through online gaming and now by moving closer to other promising sectors such as eSport.

We strongly advise you to integrate eSport into your marketing strategy through a few practical tips.

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