April 03, 2022

7 Helpful Grammar Tools to Avoid Mistakes in Your Essay

When writing an essay or a paper, the last thing you need is to worry that you will make a grammar mistake.

The solution? A thesaurus. Simply put, the words you use in your essay should present themselves as necessary.

7 Helpful Grammar Tools to Avoid Mistakes in Your Essay: eAskme
7 Helpful Grammar Tools to Avoid Mistakes in Your Essay: eAskme

This is especially true of your vocabulary.

A thesaurus helps in expanding your vocabulary.

Also, it enhances your overall writing quality. Read this post to get six of the best tools on the internet to boost your writing experience.


Grammarly is a must-have app that checks for common writing mistakes.

You can navigate the app easily due to its simple design. It checks subject-verb agreement, article use, and modifier placement.

The application can also detect incorrectly used words spelled correctly.

However, it does not fit in the context of a sentence (such as "when" instead of "were"). It also provides suggestions for other ways to phrase an idea.

Moreover, Grammarly comes with a free and premium version billed monthly or annually. The premium version opens up many new features, such as a human reviewer.

In addition, it includes a plagiarism detector and an instant proofreading feature, and the ability to install Grammarly for Windows into Microsoft Word.


The latest Ginger app helps in better writing, especially for essay writers.

  • The grammar checker comes with a patent technology that checks for all grammar mistakes.
  • In addition, it checks for spelling mistakes, run-on sentences, syntax, and misused words.
  • In addition, the software helps improve your overall essay, similar to a human reviewer. For example, you can enjoy a lot of extensive grammar checks.
  • Also, you get a single click proofreading to improve your overall essay's quality.
  • Apart from proofreading, the app features a plagiarism detector.
  • Furthermore, forget about typos, misused words based on context, and phonetic mistakes.

Slick Write:

Slick Write is a free grammar tool that analyzes your essay by checking for word usage, typos, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

Then, it corrects the errors and explains the test results. Therefore, it helps improve your writing skills.

The tool also allows sharing your work with others or publishing it online.

This way, you can get feedback from other users or readers who can point out areas that may need improvement.


Edubirdie is a premium writing service that offers the option of using a free spell checker tool.

The tool operates on AI technology, which corrects your essay according to patterns found in past essays.

Edubirdie also features a plagiarism checker that identifies any copied content in your essay.


LanguageTool highlights spelling mistakes and corrects inaccuracies based on the context of what you're writing about.

It comes with a dictionary of more than 20 languages to use in most countries around the world.

Also, the app finds more errors than standard word processors, such as Microsoft Word.

However, it does not catch every mistake. For example, it does not recognize mistakes, such as incorrect quotation marks or inaccurate capitalization.

Although these are essential things to watch out for when writing an essay, LanguageTool will spot them for you.

Hemingway App:

This app features a design specifically to improve the clarity of your writing by highlighting sentences that are difficult to read or overly complicated.

It also helps with the overuse of adverbs and passive voice.

This is great for writers who want to focus on improving the quality of their writing.

The app not only fixes weak writing with its suggestions, but it also provides style tips.

It's beneficial if you need help learning how to write more professionally.


ProWritingAid is a popular proofreading software designed to help you edit faster, strengthen your writing, and get your texts error-free.

The program offers an online version and a desktop version. In addition, it features a free version with limited features and a paid yearly subscription.

Getting the premium package unlocks new functionalities like synonyms suggestions, plagiarism checker, reports, templates, and grammar suggestions for specific types of content (like novels).


Grammar is an aspect of a good essay. It makes writing easier to understand and structure too.

If you have proper grammar, you will not have any trouble passing an exam.

However, if you do not have sufficient grammar skills to compose an effective essay, it will be hard to get high marks on your work.

Fortunately, plenty of resources are available to help develop and sharpen your grammar skills. Try out these tools to enhance your grammar and overall grades.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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