May 30, 2022

DuckDuckGo is Allowing Microsoft Trackers to Track Your data

DuckDuckGo is known for privacy protection, yet they have allowed Microsoft data trackers on DuckDuckGo mobile browser.

DuckDuckGo has a deal with Microsoft, leading to mobile browser data tracking.


DuckDuckGo is Allowing Microsoft Trackers to Track Your data: eAskme
 DuckDuckGo is Allowing Microsoft Trackers to Track Your data: eAskme

In May 2022, it was discovered that Microsoft data trackers are grabbing data from DuckDuckGo’s mobile browser.

Gabriel Wienberg, CEO of DuckDuckGo, is now trying to save its reputation after potential damage caused by this discovery.

Now the words are circulating that DuckDuckGo is not as private as we thought it should be.
Here is everything that you must know!

Microsoft Trackers are tracking DuckDuckGo Browser:

Jacob Edwards, a security researcher, tweeted a Twitter thread revealing how the DuckDuckGo browser transfers data to Bing Ads and Microsoft’s LinkedIn.

Transferring data to 8-other sites is not new, but things become serious when it comes to DuckDuckGo.
As DuckDuckGo has marketed itself as the “Do Not Track” company.

Now it seems like it was their marketing strategy.

Microsoft’s trackers on the DuckDuckGo browser show that the company is not fulfilling its statement, saying, “We don’t track you. Ever.”

The issues are only related to Microsoft-owned websites or web properties.

DuckDuckGo’s CEO’s Response to Tracking:

Gabriel Wienberg has said that Microsoft trackers are not blocked on the DuckDuckGo web browser.

He also said that the tracking is not affecting their search privacy.

Gabriel has also shared a Reddit thread where he has clarified that user anonymity no longer stands when users are browsing anything other than the search engine.


The one thing proved by this discovery is that 100% protection is just a myth.

Even DuckDuckGo browser is not 100% anonymous.

DuckDuckGo is still holding its stand as the best privacy search engine.

We will see how this discovery will impact DuckDuckGo’s brand value and future in the coming days.

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