CCNP - Is It Worth It? | Jobs, Salary, Study Guide, and Training Info

CCNP is a certified network for professionals. CCNP also called Certified Network Professional (Cisco), offers a great networking certification.

It belongs to the one core & concentration exam.

CCNP - Is It Worth It? | Jobs, Salary, Study Guide, and Training Info: eAskme
CCNP - Is It Worth It? | Jobs, Salary, Study Guide, and Training Info: eAskme

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Offers to Track for Certification:

Core Exam follow-up the fundamentals of the specialized option the person has chosen.

On the other hand, the concentration exam covers the in-depth course.

CCNP offers the tracks for certification are:

  • CCNP Security
  • CCNP security provider
  • CCNP data center
  • CCNP enterprise, &
  • CCNP collaboration

Following the explanation:

The applicants highly demand CCNP Certification. Also, being a Worldwide center, they shift its structure to the cloud.

A technology that guides the salary report where the certification by CCNP is the most valuable globally.

Cisco identifies one-third of informational technology professionals. As a description, CCNP has been the favorite certification issued for the applicants.

Every CCNP examination, either core or concentration, costs 300$ (U.S.).

Study Guide for the Applicants:

The study guide for the examination is as follows:

  • The examination paper contains multiple-choice questions.
  • It has drag-and-drop questions.
  • Fill in the banks are mentioned
  • Also, they give scenario-based questions for the applicants.

In the above-mentioned points, scenario-based questions are the case study questions.

In which they give a detailed scenario or case study.

Here, they expect the applicant to choose & get more information regarding their answers based on the given scenario.

Validation of CCNP:

Such kinds of questions are important to find out the practical significance.

Based on the networking concepts that are covered for certification.

It is valid for 3 years. Looking at the importance, let us find some skills required.

Required preparation for the CCNP Certification:

Many resources help in preparing for the CCNP like:


Self-Study is the best resource. It helps receive all the available information to prepare for the CCNP exams.

Such as:
For self-study, YouTube can be the best option. Watching the videos helps in learning fast. Applicants can also take help from training, quizzes, and other self-paced examination courses.

Video Training:

It is the best option to prepare.

The applicants get an easy way to understand the difficult concepts. Also, Cisco is a learning network that provides paid videos.

Such videos cover each section of the exams.

They offer a training program in these videos. According to U.S. Dollars, a CCNP data center costs 2000$.

Mock/Practice Test:

Applicants can use the browser search method that offers CCNP mock or practice tests.

They have prepared many practical questions. Those helpful questions are based on the scenarios.


With the help of books, the applicant would be able to understand & get more information about the facts and other necessary details.

Reading books can also be a part of the self-study method.

Practice laboratory:

The CCNP extensively follows the utilized lab questionnaires. The question paper contains several questions. In those questions, an applicant has to solve the scenario of the questions.

The practice for labs also involves instructional videos. According to the facts, it is beneficial for applicants to learn in-depth. This option also costs the bundle 1000$.

Jobs & Salary with the CCNP certification:

After getting the CCNP certification, the applicant becomes eligible for the many job roles in the information technology department.

Over the past few years, CCNP has significantly offered the best opportunity.

CCNP enables the job areas like cyber security, data center, software-based security systems & automation.

Get more information about the job roles that are considered after the receiving CCNP certified applicant:

  1. Cyber security expert.
  2. Network engineer.
  3. Network Security Associate.
  4. Security Architect.
  5. Network administrator.
  6. Network/Desktop security engineer
  7. Technical Support Engineer.
  8. System Architect.
  9. System Administrator.

Thus, the CCNP helps in leading many careers. The salaries are based on experience, skillset, market scales & the company demands.

The certification by CCNP helps in earning high salaries & provides growth.


The article is all about the importance of the CCNP certification. It helps in validating the skills.

These skills are highly in-demand in security, software-based security, automation, network security, data center & cloud security.

Moreover, the CCNP certification helps stiffen any job applicant's Curriculum Vitae (C.V.).

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