October 17, 2020

Facebook Community Manager Certification Program: Everything that You Must Know

By Sona Mathews

Facebook Community Manager Certification program! What is it? What are the benefits of Facebook community manager certification? And why you may need this? Many questions are roaming in the minds of people who came to know about Facebook's launch of the official community manager certification program.

What is Facebook Community Manager Certification Program?

Facebook Community Manager Certification Program: eAskme
Facebook Community Manager Certification Program: eAskme


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Facebook Community manager certification program allows you to get the certification with Facebook's help of online courses.

This online Community manager certification program will test your skills and knowledge.

The final exam duration is 120 minutes. You have to pay $49 as the fee to take 600-101: Facebook Certified Community Manager.

You will be learning from the course material offered by Facebook blueprint, and in the end, you have to clear the exam to earn Facebook community manager certification.

Who should take Facebook Community Manager Certification Exam?

It is also a great thing for social media managers to earn Facebook certification for their portfolio.

Facebook is already offering more than 90 eCourses.

It is free to take the course from Facebook Blueprint. But, you have to pay the fee for taking the certification exam.

Many industries are seriously considering Facebook certifications.

A certified Facebook community manager will surely have better chances to lure the clients.

For Community managers:

According to Facebook, the Community manager certification program is developed by professional community managers.

Most of them have intense experience with NGOs, brands, agencies, etc.

A Facebook certified community manager will have better knowledge and skills to grow in the community.

Facebook Community Manager Certification will cover many important topics, such as;

Define and Establish Community:

How to build an online community, set community goals, and follow community guidelines.

Develop Community Strategies and Processes:

How to effectively manage the audience, build the brand, effective launch, support team, establish partnerships, and develop an effective workflow.

Make Strategic content decision for a community:

How to plan activities, track trends, and publish relevant content.

Engage and moderate community:

How to onboard new members, build member-to-member connections, run community operations, boost engagement, follow community terms, and standards.

How to handle conflicts and crisis.

Measure and Analyze community success:

How to keep track of content performance, collect feedbacks, data reporting, and make community sustain.

What are the benefits of Facebook Community manager certifications?

A Facebook certified community manager will have the following benefits:

  • Use the Facebook Certification badge for the next 24 months.

  • You will also have access to exclusive Facebook group, where you can connect with other certified community managers.

Facebook community manager certification is available in English at the Facebook blueprint.

Final Words:

Facebook Community Manager Certification Program ensures that you have the ability and skills to grow your community. It also helps the certified manager by adding brand value to his portfolio.

Have you ever took any Facebook certification?

Is Facebook certification new for you?

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