August 09, 2022

WhatsApp New Privacy Features: Leave Groups Silently, Screenshot Blocking, and more.

WhatsApp has announced new privacy features to ensure more privacy, protection, and control.

As of January 2024, 2 billion users are using WhatsApp every month.

WhatsApp is the biggest mobile messenger app with the maximum number of users. As the number of users grows, security and privacy become concerns.

WhatsApp New Privacy Features Leave Groups Silently, Screenshot Blocking, and more.: eAskme
WhatsApp New Privacy Features Leave Groups Silently, Screenshot Blocking, and more.: eAskme

WhatsApp is already encrypting user messages to ensure privacy.

Users can already send disappearing messages with self-destruct, take backups, and enable 2-step authentication for more security.

But now, they will offer more features to ensure privacy and security.

WhatsApp New Privacy Features:

Now, WhatsApp will make the platform more secure with new features.

The new WhatsApp Privacy features are:

  • Leave Groups Silently
  • Choose Who Can See You Are Online
  • Screenshot Blocking for View Once Messages

Here is what you should know about these updates.

Leave Groups Silently:

Leave group Silently is an exciting feature that I and many others will also like.

WhatsApp is making it possible for you to leave a group without leaving any messages or notifications.

Before this, when you were leaving a WhatsApp group, the message was displayed to all group members who had left the group.

Choose Who Can See When You Are Online:

Do you want to check your WhatsApp messages without telling anyone that you are online?

If yes, then this new feature will help you.

WhatsApp is a great place to connect with people, but sometimes you do not want to let them know you are online.

The new WhatsApp feature will allow you to keep your online presence private. You will select who can see and cannot see your online status when using WhatsApp.

Screenshot Blocking for View Once Messages:

View Once messages are already popular among WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp is now enabling you to block people from taking screenshots of your view once messages.

This is undoubtedly a critical privacy enhancer on WhatsApp. It gives you more control over handling what you have shared.

It is necessary to ensure private conversations on WhatsApp. WhatsApp also runs a campaign to educate people about the new feature updates. With this, more users will know how to use WhatsApp privacy and Control features.

Ami Vora, Head of Product at WhatsApp, has shared that the new WhatsApp campaign will kick off globally, starting with India and the UK.

The new WhatsApp privacy study shows that 47% of users feel comfortable with private messaging. Yet 72% of people want unfiltered messaging. 91% of people found blocking features important. 51% of WhatsApp users prefer to stay hidden when online.

WhatsApp has also tweeted about these features on its Twitter handle.


Privacy is always important when you are going online. Whether you are working or using a social network or app like WhatsApp, keeping your messages safe and secure is always essential.

WhatsApp is known for keeping users' data secure.

With these new features, WhatsApp users will have more control, privacy, and security.

I am glad that WhatsApp is launching such privacy features.

What do you think?

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