August 10, 2022

Facebook Live Shopping Shut Down

Facebook has announced that Live shopping on the Facebook platform has shut down.

You can no longer host live shopping events on Facebook.

Facebook Live Shopping will Shut Down on October 1st, 2022: eAskme
Facebook Live Shopping will Shut Down on October 1st, 2022: eAskme

Facebook live will still be there, and you can still host live events, but you will not be able to tag products or product playlists in your Facebook live events.

Why has Facebook Shut Down the Live Shopping feature?

According to Facebook, consumer behavior has shifted to a short-video format known as reels. Reels are already top-rated on Instagram and Facebook.

You should know that Facebook launched Live shopping in August 2020 to empower retailers and make shopping easier for users. But, within a year, they are ready to remove this feature.

The end of the Facebook Live Shopping feature can be brutal to digest for those already using it to boost their sales or spread awareness about their products.

Now, you must choose other ways, such as Facebook ads, to promote their products on the Facebook platform.

You should note that you can still use the Live shopping feature on Instagram only.

Meta has shifted their focus to short videos. Reels are getting popular and most engaging content on Facebook and Instagram.

Now Meta wants you to use Reels and Reel ads on Instagram and Facebook to promote your products.

Reels should be your tool to spread awareness about your blog, website, brand, or products.

You can even monetize reels to earn money by using paid advertisements.

As Facebook has announced the end date for the Live Shopping feature, it allows you to download your previously shared videos in Creator Studio or your business page.


Facebook constantly experiments with many features to understand where users engage most. 

Only those features can live on the platform that attracts users and engagement.

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