September 09, 2022

Dubai-based Blockchain Startup Introduces Crypto Debit Card

A blockchain-based company in Dubai has made a debit card that can be used with a cryptocurrency wallet.

AlphaCard is making a prepaid card that will let people use their digital money at any point of sale (POS) terminal that accepts Visa.

Dubai-based Blockchain Startup Introduces Crypto Debit Card: eAskme
Dubai-based Blockchain Startup Introduces Crypto Debit Card: eAskme

Because of the Bitcoin Motion platform, it is now simple to become a Bitcoin trader.

The company wants people to use digital currencies more. Its goal is to help people who don't have bank accounts or can't get them and those who can't use traditional banking services or credit cards.

Abraham Cohen, who helped start the company and is now the CEO, said, "crypto debit cards are quickly changing the banking industry."

AlphaCard is a new company that wants to change the future of banking and payment systems by using Blockchain technology.

The company said its new cryptocurrency debit card would be available soon. Customers can put their cryptocurrency assets on the card and then use it to buy things in stores.

The business will show off its cryptocurrency debit card at the Blockchain 360 conference in Dubai on November 29, 2022.

AlphaCard is a worldwide project for decentralized payment processing that lets businesses and customers use anonymous Visa debit cards to get and spend money without problems. Both iOS and Android phones can use the app for the payment terminal.

AlphaCard, which is a business, uses the blockchain. The United Arab Emirates is where it is based  a country that is an important economic hub for many businesses in different fields, some of them requiring trade licenses. The idea came from a group of people who knew much about money and banking.

The business made a debit card that can be used to pay for things anywhere that accepts Visa. The company will change how money is used in business in the Gulf region.

Thanks to a recent project, people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who use bitcoin can now get a brand-new crypto debit card.

The crypto debit card is made by AlphaCard Network, a B2B blockchain company in Dubai. It works like a regular debit card and can be used to buy things at any store that accepts Visa or Mastercard.

The Anonymous Visa Debit Card is the first one of its kind.

It makes it easy and private to pay for things. It's a debit card that hides your name and lets you get cash from any ATM in the world without giving out any of your personal information.

If you choose physical delivery, the card will be at your door within a few days.

It can be used anywhere that accepts Visa because it has an EMV chip.

This card is different from the others because anyone can get one, even if they don't have an ID or don't want to show it.

Because protecting personal information is a basic human right, the Anonymous Visa Debit Card has no hidden fees.

With this feature, you can stay private and anonymous while you're on the go.

The anonymous Visa debit card makes getting cash from your cryptocurrency account easy. You don't need to show any proof or ID.

Just make an account and put your cryptocurrency there.

You can use the card anywhere you normally use a Visa debit card, such as at an ATM in any country to get cash.  

Council for Blockchain Technology:

As part of its work to get people worldwide to use new technologies and business methods, the Dubai Future Foundation set up the Global Blockchain Council.

The council's job is to look into blockchain technology, talk about what it is used for now and what it could be used for in the future, and use blockchain technology to make sure that financial transactions go smoothly.

Money and other things will be easier to deal with because of the council. It will also improve and make more sure how things work.

The council is made up of 46 people. Some of them are government agencies, foreign companies, free zones, well-known banks in the UAE, and startups from other countries that use blockchain technology.

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