September 08, 2022

Investors Prefer These Top-Rated, Well-Regulated Digital Currency Exchanges

By Sona Mathews

Virtual currencies have been in evidence for beyond a decade now. Ever since then, there have been significant developments in the crypto space. It helps that there is a structure to digital assets. It has made it possible to transfer funds without a central authority. In other words, transactions are secure, despite operating on decentralized platforms.

Investors Prefer These Top-Rated, Well-Regulated Digital Currency Exchanges: eAskme
Investors Prefer These Top-Rated, Well-Regulated Digital Currency Exchanges: eAskme

Digital Currency Exchanges:

The purchases, sales, trades, and exchanges of cryptocurrencies occur within the confines of virtual currency exchanges.

Investors and traders can access their digital assets easily on these online platforms.

However, novices/beginners may also wish to know about coins/tokens and cryptocurrency exchanges.

The crypto exchanges offer various products and services intending to provide user-friendly experiences.

For instance, some features are the number of coins/tokens available, affordable trading fees, number of trading pairs, security measures, and user-friendly interfaces.

It is up to the investors to find something that meets their requirements.

Additionally, they must discover exchanges that strictly adhere to existing regulations.

Outlined below are the best digital currency exchanges that serve to please investors.


There is nothing ordinary about this popular cryptocurrency exchange! Instead, it has an individual style of going about things.

The methods to handle, purchase, and sell digital currency are unique!

The evidence is there in its survival for so long. Coinbase came into being in 2012. To date, it occupies the top position on the preference chart.


It was launched in 2011 before Coinbase came into the picture.

Yet, the latter overtook it in popularity. Nonetheless, Kraken has been doing excellently, too.

People trust it, considering it to be highly secure.

Even new traders get everything they require in the arena of knowledge and strategies. Kraken is ready to share and care!


Investors appreciate that it is amongst the group of well-regulated digital currencies.

The exchange grants great importance to compliance and security.

Users may experiment with over 70 virtual currencies. It also deals with Stablecoins, which are backed by diverse fiat currencies.


The regulated exchange lends support to 40+ digital currencies.

It has a magnificent name for the safe storage of investors’ funds. It is possible because the platform has permission to operate in numerous jurisdictions.

Above all, the charges for transactions are lower than those who opt for competitive fees.


The cryptocurrency exchange is based in the U.S. It is highly user-friendly. Therefore, beginners opt for it immediately.

They gain a good start in launching their respective crypto portfolios.

They are welcome to invest in stocks, digital currencies, and ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

Best of all, users benefit from a zero-fee commission while trading.


LBank has been in existence since 2015. It supports an astounding number of digital currencies – 500+!

It helps that the charges for trading are relatively lower than other major crypto exchanges charge.

Then again, security measures are vital. There have never been incidents of lost funds or hacking.


It is the largest virtual currency exchange in the world. Therefore, investors and traders may explore the details of over 700 coins/tokens.

The fees are affordable or inexpensive. They are the lowest in the crypto arena.

However, there is a snag. Binance is not very user-friendly.

Therefore, beginners may have to seek professionals’ or experienced experts’ help.

It provides access to many digital currencies. There are around 250 digital assets available.

Users may opt for credit cards or bank transfers to trade in/buy/sell virtual currencies.


People may trade in multiple digital assets directly and simultaneously.

They may even purchase or sell them on the Uphold platform.

There is transparency regarding the fee structure. Therefore, users do not encounter sudden, unpleasant surprises!


This crypto exchange has been a recent entrant since it launched in 2019. Astoundingly, it already has a user base of over a million!

The platform offers a great fee structure, advanced security measures, and trading features (futures and margins).

Then again, it is an active proponent of having regulations in place. The authorities demonstrate their sincerity via their regulatory compliance.

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