March 18, 2024

Crypto Payments for Professionals are an Upward Trend

As per a recent report, the global cryptocurrency payment gateway market is expected to increase with a CAGR of 22.8 percent throughout the forecast. Increasing crypto adoption widely and growing investment in such a field are a few main factors driving the growth of the global crypto payment gateway market.

Crypto Payments for Professionals are an Upward Trend.: eAskme
Crypto Payments for Professionals are an Upward Trend.: eAskme

In the last few years, the pandemic dramatically increased the wave of online fraud.

Now many businesses are operating Crypto payments at least partly online, offering an ideal landscape for attackers to seek to harvest and exploit precious data.

It is never surprising to learn that identity fraud had the most significant impact on financial services.

It followed professional services. It is very understandable that as the sensitive information passed online has increased, the number of attackers is trying to put a block on it.

Thus many players of cryptocurrency payments gateway in the market have started to offer many facilities to the customers, who have received a great response from the clients during the period of the pandemic.

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The current scenario:

For professionals, cryptocurrency payments are moving upwards. It is as per the most current data that Deel produced.

He is a global payroll specialist who said that the constant market downturn has never deterred professionals from accepting cryptocurrency asset payments.

Such payments made up 5 percent of wages collected by professionals in cross-border in 2022's first half. It was up from 2 percent in the last 6 months.

The platform said cryptocurrency withdrawals have held firm over the past six months.

As per the research, areas with high currency fluctuation are mainly fond of using cryptocurrency payments, with Latin America leading the pack with 67 % of every withdrawal made worldwide between January and June this year.

As per Deel, North America was second with a 7 % share. Europe followed them along with the Middle East and Africa with a stake of 24 % and with a stake of 2% was the area of Asia-Pacific.

Professionals get their salaries in many coins.

But as per data from the research, Bitcoin has dominated the cryptocurrency payments market in this year's first half with a 47 percent share.

Ether followed the top crypto with a shared percent of 14 and USD coin with 29 percent.

Also, international experts got paid in DASH, having a stake of 2%, and Solana held a share of 8 percent.

Deel also claimed that in its research, it had examined information from more than 100,000 contracts as cross-border in nearly 150 different countries.

Also, more than 500,000 pay data points from Deel and outside sources. The countries featuring all have over 20 employer-worker contracts as of the publishing reports. Trends get monitored for more than a period of six-month from January-June this June this year.

Deel claims that its services get used by over 8000 clients globally.

It offers the necessary tools to legally engage and pay and manage workers and contractors in more than 150 different countries.

As per the information from Deel, some of the platform's customers are Airtable, Andela, Spendesk, Shopify, and Dropbox.

Deel says contractors mainly accept cryptocurrency payments for professionals in Ether, Bitcoin, USDC, Dash, and Solana.

The platform also stated that such contractors could select if to take the entire payment or one portion.


Cryptocurrency is viewed by many as a vital part of finance evolution.

When a company selects to engage with cryptocurrency, that will trigger changes across the company and changes in the mindset. It can be a challenging endeavor.

So before getting engaged in a more robust launch, few companies have selected to pilot the use of cryptocurrency just as they will be piloting new technology.

One type of pilot a number have selected is an internal interdepartmental pilot.

It is mainly based in Treasury, as it is typically responsible for internal funding of the organization and its subsidiaries and departments.

The pilot can start with some crypto purchases, after which the Treasury uses it for many peripheral payments.

It follows the thread as the cryptocurrency gets paid out, received, and revalued.

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