March 18, 2024

What Does a Game Development Company Do?

If you’re reading this article, you’re one step closer to the world of digital art creation and video game production.

The gaming industry is starving for fresh and innovative ideas that could blow the mind of even the most experienced gamer out there.

The game production company can bring even the most insane fantasies to life if you’re bold enough to try.

What Does a Game Development Company Do?: eAskme
What Does a Game Development Company Do?: eAskme

Discover more about what gaming agency does, how they organize the workflow, and who is responsible for your future success.

Game development services a professional studio can provide for you:

Full-cycle video game production:

Bringing your fantasy to reality from a simple scratch is a complex and time-consuming process that requires transparent communication.

The game developers carry on the production on all three development stages, offering you maintenance support after the launch.

No idea would stop skilled game designers, whether you’re planning on winning the hearts of gamers with a triple A-level product like Call of Duty or profit on the smartphone arcade.

Game developers don’t work strictly with the entertainment industry.

Many projects could be designed for various industries and businesses as marketing and branding tools.

Game art services:

Some video production studios have separate departments responsible for digital art. It’s a common practice to outsource the game art production to a different agency.

The visual appearance of the gaming product is crucial for sales and user experience.

Game trailers, concept art videos, environmental art, map planning, visual effects, and character development add to the overall game art style.

Skilled and innovative artists have access to the technology that can create an eye-candy even from the simple sudoku for smartphones.

Yet the immersive VR experience with real-life details and textures teleports you through the space-time continuum in a second. And that’s how the magic of game artists works. 

Game prototyping:

No secret that ideas on paper in practice could look completely different.

That’s where game prototyping comes to the rescue.

As a crucial part of game development, it allows us to recreate clients’ vision and fantasy, analyze the downsides, and develop optimizing digital solutions before the game is sent into total production.

VR game development:

For many people, VR is still an undiscovered territory.

That makes it a perfect market for investment.

The virtual reality platforms got mega-popular after the global pandemic locked us all inside.

Coming out of the metaverse was a game-changer for the video game industry.

Even people who were not into gaming before are not obsessed with exploring virtual dimensions and worlds.

The technology behind VR games production is 100% amazing, providing users with an out-of-the-body experience.

Game artists and developers are capable of creating a captivating product, no matter your idea.

Are you dreaming about life on another planet or time-traveling to the 16th century?

Or maybe you want to create a car race that users can do with their long-distance friends?

VR makes everything possible!

Mobile game development:

No matter the platform, a professional game production agency can design a game suitable for both IOS and Android users.

The digital game studio can assist you in any task, whether you want to create a game from scratch or make a mobile version of an already existing product.

Smartphone games have no limitations, from easy gemstone puzzles to complex action and massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

The mobile game industry keeps expanding and growing, causing a competitive market. Getting the user’s attention becomes challenging.

That’s why you should trust only true professionals with a clean record to execute your idea on a top level.

High-quality UX design and outstanding graphics elevate any of the simplest mobile games keeping users hooked.

Stages of game development:

  • Pre-production involves a lot of analysis and strategy establishment, choosing the art style, pipeline set-up, game design plan, and scheduling testings.
  • Production - is a moment when the magic happens. From the game modeling, creating art assets, and level design to audio creation and optimization tests.
  • The post-production stage evolves around quality-check and testing. Most professional companies offer assistance with maintenance, monetization, and submitting the game to various app stores or gaming platforms.

The top-level game development team:

The people behind the game production process are true magicians that bring even the most insane ideas to life.

You need to ensure that the game development team consists of a skilled specialist for your product to become the most exciting game in the US or worldwide.

  • The producer controls the entire production cycle and ensures that your visions and message are represented in the product in the best way possible.
  • Designers bring your fantasy to virtual reality, creating a script, complexity levels, and optimizing the game balance. By collaborating with the rest of the team, they’re coming up with cutting-edge digital solutions to boost the final product to the top of the market.
  • Artists ensure that the visual representation of the game is eye-catching and audience-appropriate. With the help of the newest technology, game artists have no limits and borders for creating fascinating many-dimensional worlds.
  • The developer is responsible for game engines and core design features allowing the game to run smoothly with no bugs.
  • Animators use top-notch technology to create an immersive experience and out-of-this-world visual effects. They specialize in 2D and 3D model animation production, textures, light development, and virtual reality detail design.
  • Testers estimate the user experience with the help of automated testing technology. Still, they manually test multiple versions and combinations of the game scenarios to search for bugs, etc.


The game production studios are experts that help you reach the stars with cutting-edge technology in digital art and game development.

Partnering with professionals that match your energy and are ready to deliver your vision to the whole world to see guarantees your project success.

If you don’t know where to start your recruitment process, check out the best-rated game development studios in the United States.

Who knows, maybe they will be your perfect companions in the world of virtual reality.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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