October 16, 2022

Google has Launched Passkey Support on Android and Chrome

Google is now making it possible to replace passwords with passkeys on chrome browsers and android devices.

It is an essential update as the new passkey feature will help users sign into their accounts without using the password.

Google is launching a Passkey update for Chrome Canary and Google Play Services Beta members.

Google has Launched Passkey Support on Android and Chrome: eAskme
Google has Launched Passkey Support on Android and Chrome: eAskme

If everything goes according to Google’s expectations, Passkey functionality will be rolled out to users worldwide.

Google Passkey support is in the Beta version and offers the following features:

  • Developers can build a passkey using Chrome with the help of WebAuthn API.
  • Users can create a passkey on Android devices.

Google Passkey offer Better User Experience and Security:

Google passkeys allow auto-fill password but only when it is unblocked by using bio-metric data such as Pin, Pattern, fingerprints, or facial recognition.

Passkey is the next step to ensure security and eliminate traditional security methods like OTP, SMS, etc.

According to Google, Passkey will replace the need for second-factor authentication.

To create a passkey, you must first confirm that you want to generate a passkey and authenticate your sign-in method. You can manage passkeys with Google password manager.

Brand Are working on Passkey Standards:

Brands like Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc., are working together to ensure worldwide support for passkeys/

Google will Launch Android-native API:

Google will launch Android-native API to ensure that apps work seamlessly with passkeys.

With Native API, users can choose if they want to use passwords or passkeys.


Google is trying to upgrade apps' user security by enabling passkeys.

It is good to know that brands are seriously thinking about user security.

Do you prefer using password or passkey?

Do share your thoughts with us.

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