October 16, 2022

Microsoft Bing AI Image Generator for Image Search

By Sona Mathews

Microsoft Bing will launch an AI-based Image generator for the Bing search engine.

With Microsoft designer in Bing search, users can create digital art by typing a few words.

AI Technology is becoming a part of image and content creation.

Microsoft Bing is Launching an AI Image Generator for Image Search: eAskme
Microsoft Bing is Launching an AI Image Generator for Image Search: eAskme

Microsoft Bing is Launching an AI Image Generator for Image Search:

Microsoft Bing is bringing an AI image generator to let users create digital art with text.

This new feature will help you if you cannot find a suitable image in a Bing image search.

With the help of a new image creator tool for Microsoft Bing, you can use text to create images.

Microsoft is using DALL∙E 2, an AI-based image generation technology by OpenAI.

According to Microsoft, the new Image Creator will help users create images not available in search results.

You only need to type a few words to let the image creator do the work for you.

You can find Image Creator in Bing Images Tab with the label “Image creator” or an image creator icon in the Microsoft edge sidebar.

When Will Microsoft Launch Image Creator for Search Results?

Microsoft is working slowly and steadily to rollout the Image Creator tool.

In the beginning, the new tool will only be available for a handful of users in limited locations.

If everything goes as planned, then Microsoft Bing will launch the new DALL-E 2-based image creator for worldwide users.

Microsoft also wants to ensure that the new Image Creator will prevent misuse of the technology by blocking sensitive topics and implementing Bing policies.

The company is also collecting feedback from Image Creator's early users.


I am always excited about a few technologies.

Microsoft is bringing AI to image search with image creation features.

Right now, we are waiting for the launch of the new AI based Image creator tool in Microsoft Bing Image search.

Once the feature launches, we will use it and find out how it will help the searcher.

Have you ever used Bing search?

Do share your thoughts with us.

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