March 24, 2023

Opera Generative AI Tools for Desktop Browsers: How to use it?

Opera is also going after AI. Opera Browser AI will integrate with desktop browsers.

With Desktop Browser AI, Opera is incorporating ChatSonic and ChatGPT services in their Opera GX and Opera Browser. Users can use AI content tools and features with the Opera browser with these features.

Opera browser features match what you will get in Microsoft edge parity.

You can not only use a built-in VPN in the Opera browser. This will give you better control over browser privacy settings like Edge browser.

How to use Desktop Web Browser with Opera Browser Generative AI?

Opera Generative AI Tools Browser: eAskme
Opera Generative AI Tools Browser: eAskme


Opera has published a post explaining the launch of Generative AI tools for the desktop web browser.

With new AI tools, opera users will have a better experience searching, learning, and creating.

Opera Address Bar Smart AI Prompts:

You can use Opera smart AI prompts in the address bar. You can do it by highlighting website text.

You can perform the following tasks with Opera Browser Generative Ai services such as;

  • Ask for relevant content.
  • Explain articles.
  • Short articles.
  • Generate tweets.

Opera will add new features to help you use contextual AI prompts in the browser.

Integrating ChatSonic and ChatGPT in browser:

Opera is integrating services like ChatSonic and ChatGPT in the desktop browser sidebar.

With these features, you can use the browser for:

  • Generating ideas.
  • Translation.
  • Itineraries.
  • Summaries, etc.

ChatGPT gives you a better AI experience in the Opera browser. With ChatSonic, you can generate images based on text.

How to Use Opera Generative AI Tools?

You can access Opera Generative AI Tools in desktop browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

  • It is a must to upgrade your Opera browser to use advanced AI features.
  • Download the Opera browser from
  • Go to “Easy Setup.”
  • Toggle “AI Prompts” to activate “Early Access.”
  • Now you can access AI services and UI in the Opera browser sidebar.
  • You must Signup and log in to access Opera Generative AI Tools.

To use Opera Generative AI Tools in Opera GX:

  • Go to Browser Settings.
  • Click on “Early Bird.”


AI is getting everywhere. After Microsoft, Google, Snapchat, YouTube, etc., Opera offers AI tools to improve user experience.

The AI-powered desktop browser will help users easily create, research, and learn online with features like ChatSonic and ChatGPT.

Opera Generative AI Tools is still in the early stages. You can see a lot of improvements and innovations in desktop AI features. We are waiting for Opera ChatGPT-based AI search engine and browser.

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