March 16, 2023

Snapchat MY AI Chatbot: Launched a new Social Media Chatbot for Users

Snapchat has launched a new social media chatbot, "MY AI." Users can use Snapchat MY AI Chatbot to find influencers and create stories and responses.

Right now, MY AI is available under experimental trial.

With MY AI, Snapchat is trying to create a safe AI for the social media platform.

Snapchat MY AI Chatbot:

Snapchat MY AI Chatbot: Launched a new Social Media Chatbot for Users: eAskme
Snapchat MY AI Chatbot: Launched a new Social Media Chatbot for Users: eAskme

My AI is a chatbot based on ChatGPT that can engage in user conversations.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, social media companies like Meta, Snapchat, YouTube, Spotify, etc., have been under immense pressure to launch a user-friendly AI.

Creating an artificial intelligence tool that can not only engage users but also become safe is not easy.

Who can Access MY AI on Snapchat?

You must have a SnapChat+ subscription to access the "My AI" feature. Currently, only United States SnapChat+ subscription users can use My AI chatbot.

Snapchat+ costs you $3.99/month. It is available in many countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.

ChatGPT Plus costs you $20/month. It means MY AI is way cheaper than ChatGPT.

Snapchat+ Subscribers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to MY AI
  • Snapchat+ badge
  • Custom Story expiration
  • Priority replies on Stories.
  • Story Boost.

You can add My AI as a friend on Snapchat.


Here is how.

How to Add MY AI as a Friend on Snapchat?

Visit MY AI profile on Snapchat.

After adding My AI as a friend, you can chat with it.

MY AI vs. ChatGPT Plus:

My AI will work as your friend on Snapchat.

My AI will answer the following:

  • Questions
  • Travel ideas
  • Recipes
  • Gift Ideas
  • Poetry suggestions, etc.

You can chat with MY AI the same way you chat with other Snapchat users with active profiles, avatars, and emojis.

WashingtonPost has reported that My AI is unsafe for kids.

Same thing Snapchat has addressed in its post where the company said that MY Ai is in the early stage and it may "hallucinate" or provide irrelevant answers.

Snapchat also tells users not to share their secrets with My AI.

Note: You should now share any sensitive information with any AI, including ChatGPT, MY AI, etc.
Snapchat is also collecting users' feedback to improve My AI.

You can also remove your search queries from My AI.

How to Remove Search Queries from My AI Chat History?

  • Go to Snapchat Settings
  • Go to "Privacy Controls"
  • Go to "Clear Data"
  • Click on "Clear MY AI Chat Queries"
  • Click "Confirm" on "Delete My AI Data"

How can Snapchat MY AI Help Content Creators and Marketers?

Businesses are using Snapchat to connect with their target audience. MY AI can help marketers to improve user engagement.

Here is how.

Write an Excellent Snapchat Bio:

Many Snapchat users do not know how to write a perfect bio.

My AI can help you by giving ideas that your target audience can find attractive.

Suggest Snapchat Story Idea:

You can ask MY AI to suggest you some story ideas. All you need is to tell the AI chatbot about your target audience, product, or service when asking about story ideas.

Increase User Engagement:

Ask MY AI for response ideas for the questions that users have asked you. It will help to give better and more user-friendly responses.

Find Influencers:

Ask MY AI to give you the list of Snapchat Influencers related to your target market.

You will get the list. Now start engaging with these influencers to boost your product promotion on Snapchat.


Snapchat AI is still experimental, and you can face some issues or glitches.

Almost all social media networks are racing to create the most user-friendly or attractive Ai to keep users on the platform long.

Also, when using AI, never reveal your personal, secret, and sensitive information.

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