July 15, 2023

Be a Shopping Pro with These 6 Tips on Improving Your Online Shopping Game!

By Sona Mathews

You may already know how to shop online with readily available platforms, apps, and marketplaces.

However, not all shoppers know how to shop smart regarding online shopping!

Digital purchases don’t have the same luxury as physical shopping, as customers cannot assess or inspect the products before buying them; they just have to trust the seller’s product descriptions.

It’s time to shop smart when shopping online.

These 6 tips are some tried and tested ways to make the most out of your online shopping experience and give you better savings, better products, and more convenience when you shop!

Here’s how you can be an online shopping pro:

Be a Shopping Pro with These 6 Tips on Improving Your Online Shopping Game!: eAskme
Be a Shopping Pro with These 6 Tips on Improving Your Online Shopping Game!: eAskme

Delay Your Checkout:

While grabbing what you want when you want may be tempting, consider delaying your checkout.

Leave those wants in the cart!

More often than not, platforms tend to send out reminders that you’ve left something in your cart in hopes that they can entice you to purchase them.

However, wait for that one email or notification from the online store for an exclusive discount.

All stores want you to buy from them, and having items in your cart is already a foot in the door for these stores.

Some platforms provide as much as a 10% discount on the price of the item you were already planning to purchase, just to make that decision a little easier for you.

It’s worth delaying your purchase until you get that discount.

Note that not all platforms offer this deal, however, and some may only offer the promotion for specific products or during a specific period.

You must check online for other customers’ experiences with these promos or try them out yourself.

Buy Retail at Wholesale Prices:

Buying from retail stores is expensive, as many items are procured from third-party manufacturers.

Retail stores then put a huge markup on these items, passed onto the consumer with those hefty price tags. 

Buying retail tends to get expensive, especially if you don’t have discount vouchers available for your account.

At the same time, buying from wholesale stores might give you a ton of savings with each item, but what will you do with thousands of units of the same item?

As a regular consumer, chances are you don’t need a hundred chip clips, a thousand socks, or a hundred-thousand phone chargers.

The middle ground?

A platform that gives you the convenience of buying retail at wholesale prices so you can save more and buy only what you need.

Download the App for Exclusive Deals:

Enhance your online shopping experience by downloading the app of your chosen platform. Shopping apps offer convenience and are often optimized to make your experience smoother than ever.

Additionally, some platforms provide exclusive deals and content for app users.

Take advantage of these app-only offers by exploring the features and benefits of the platform's mobile application.

Downloading the app makes it easy to shop on the go. Just open your phone, and tap away to get all the items you need right at your fingertips.

Since most of us are already adept at using our smartphones, consider downloading the app of your chosen platform to optimize your online experience!

Follow the Voucher Codes:

Ever get those pop-up notifications right when you open an online shopping site?

Those notifications usually advertise some products and platform codes that you can use to optimize your shopping.

As long as the site is legitimate and trusted, you can follow the link to get voucher codes to save shipping costs and lower the prices of the items you want to buy.

Besides hidden vouchers on websites, many platforms collaborate with influencers to promote their products.

Influencers often have unique discount codes that you can use to avail yourself of a percentage off your purchase. Watch for these codes associated with their names or social media handles.

Get Insurance for Fragile Items:

Insurance for fragile items is one of the best things you can get online shopping.

Most platforms already allow customers to return defective or damaged items for a refund, but buyers have the responsibility to provide details and prove that the damage happened on the platform’s or the courier’s end.

Getting insurance for your fragile items, such as glass ornaments, devices, appliances, and more, can give you peace of mind and some security when handling your parcel.

Some insurance plans even have a no questions asked policy, so the burden of proof does not fall on the buyer.

Buy at Sale Prices:

Lastly, consider buying at sale prices.

While this may seem like common advice, most shoppers don’t wait for sales to purchase their items.

Online shopping has made buying easier and more instant, so buyers tend to purchase as immediately as they want.

Instead, opt to wait for sales when prices drop sitewide.

You can often find the calendar for sale periods on the platform’s social media pages or check public holidays, unofficial holidays, and platform-specific anniversaries to anticipate huge sales.

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