July 19, 2023

Twitter X Launching Job Listings for Verified Organizations

By Sona Mathews

Verified negations on Twitter can now post jobs to their Twitter profiles. This will add additional functionalities to Twitter as a professional platform. The company is also targeting 52,000,000 job seekers using platforms like LinkedIn.

Twitter has announced that they will launch. Job listings to Twitter profiles for verified organizations.

Twitter Launching Job Listings for Verified Organizations: eAskme
Twitter Launching Job Listings for Verified Organizations: eAskme

Some reports show that verified organizations are already using job listings on Twitter.

Twitter Launching Job Listings for Verified Organizations: eAskme

Here is the screenshot that explains.

Twitter Launching Job Listings for Verified Organizations: eAskme

Here, Bloom Institute of Technology has listed some jobs. Finance Manager, Growth Engineer, etc.

When a user or job seeker clicks on these links, he will land on the company website or other job networks where the job is listed.

Twitter Job Listings for Verified Organizations:

Twitter Job Listings for Verified Organizations: eAskme
Twitter Job Listings for Verified Organizations: eAskme

Twitter has also launched the TwitterHiring account.

The company now invites more businesses to sign up and become verified organizations without explaining which new features verified businesses will enjoy.

Twitter Verified Handle has tweeted that verified organizations with affiliate accounts can receive 2 times more reach on Twitter.

It is also mentioned that businesses can reach their customers authentically and organically.

You should know that a Verified organization subscription allows your business to have custom profiles, which allows you to post job postings and other items.

Elon Musk has also hinted that Twitter dating and jobs will launch this year.

Will Twitter hiring compete with LinkedIn jobs?

We already know that LinkedIn is the biggest professional social media network.

More than 52,000,000 job seekers and companies are using Twitter to connect with each other.

Twitter is eyeing this market to increase revenue and user engagement.

Another benefit of Twitter is that Twitter charges $1000 per month from verified organizations.

It also ensures that users will see high-quality content from professional Twitter accounts or verified organizations.

What benefits of Twitter hiring?

Verified organizations can use Twitter to engage with potential job seekers. Not only organizations for job seekers will also have.

Move to do on Twitter as they can find jobs Using the Twitter platform.

The note will be a platform where organizations will meet professionals from different backgrounds and geographical locations.

Professional hashtags will also become a daily job for Verified Organizations, as this will help to streamline the search of Job seekers and employers.

By using relevant hashtags, job seekers can also find employment opportunities.

Retweets will also increase the chances of increasing the reach of job postings and finding more people for the jobs.

Twitter will make job posting and recruitment a personal and interactive experience for both organizations and candidates.


Twitter is targeting markets that can expand its reach and engagement. Twitter Job Posting and Twitter dating will be the game changer.

Do you want to find jobs or post jobs on Twitter?

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