December 13, 2022

Twitter New Verification System Launched with Blue and Gold Checkmarks!

The Twitter verification system is relaunching with new checkmarks for business and personal accounts.

The new verification system not only displays checkmarks but also labels official accounts.

Elon Musk has renewed the blue checkmark system by launching an eight-dollar monthly subscription.

Twitter Verification Blue Gold Checkmarks: eAskme
Twitter Verification Blue Gold Checkmarks: eAskme

Twitter has upgraded its verification system by adding many safeguards. It also ensures that abusive and impersonating accounts should not get a blue checkmark.

Meet the eligibility criteria before getting a colored checkmark for your accounts or a verified badge.

Twitter New Verification System Launched with Blue and Gold Checkmarks:

Here is everything you must know about Twitter's new checkmark system.

Twitter's Blue Checkmark Verification:

Twitter Blue Checkmark is a popular verification program that now costs 8 dollars per month. All you need is to subscribe through a web browser. iOS users can also subscribe to Twitter Blue by paying $11 monthly.

Twitter charges $3 more from iOS users as Apple's commission on in-app purchases.

To ensure that users are not impersonating, Twitter is reviewing the sign-up process.

The Twitter review will verify the following things:

  • Complete: Your Twitter account must have a profile photo and display name.
  • Active: Must be active for the last 30 days.
  • Secure: Twitter account should have a mobile number and be 90 days old.
  • Non-Deceptive: No recent changes to username, profile photo, and name.
  • Twitter accounts should not be misleading.
  • Twitter accounts should not manipulate or post spam.
  • Twitter team members will manually verify each account before awarding or declining the blue checkmark.

Verified accounts not only get a blue checkmark but also get the following benefits:

  • Priority placement in search results, replies, and mentions.
  • Publish longer videos.
  • 50% fewer advertisements.

Accounts that already have a blue checkmark can retain it without doing anything.

Twitter is not accepting new applications to verify using old methods.

Twitter's Gold Checkmark Verification:

Twitter is using a gold verification badge for business accounts.

If you have a business account verified earlier with a blue checkmark, your checkmark will automatically convert to a gold checkmark.

Twitter will open gold checkmark verification for more businesses soon.

Right now, businesses can apply for a blue verification badge.

Twitter Official Label Verification:

Twitter is going to award "official" to the following type of accounts:

  • Commercial accounts
  • Government accounts
  • Major Brands
  • Political organizations
  • Media outlets or publishers
  • Public figures.


Twitter is expanding its verification and checkmark programs with Blue Checkmarks and Gold checkmarks.

The company hopes to get rid of fake accounts and monetize the opportunity.

IOS users can apply for Twitter Blue or Gold Checkmark verification program.

Right now, you can access Twitter Blue only in USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

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