October 29, 2023

IndexNow - Celebrating Two Years of Growth! With 1.4 Billion Daily URL Submissions

IndexNow is known for quick indexing websites and webpages. More than 60 million websites are joining IndexNow daily to index their web content effectively.

Two years ago, the IndexNpw plugin was introduced to bridge the gap between search engine indexing and website content. IndexNow is now celebrating the 1.4 billion URL submissions daily.

You can easily integrate IndexNow with Duda, WordPress, and Wix platforms.

IndexNow for Search Indexing in Real-Time:

IndexNow - Celebrating two years of growth! With 1.4 Billion Daily URL Submissions: eAskme
IndexNow - Celebrating two years of growth! With 1.4 Billion Daily URL Submissions: eAskme

Search indexing commonly faces issues where they are not updating every change as they happen. Search engines cannot check every single update on your webpage.

Search engine crawlers visit your website or web pages to check the updates and changes. They need bandwidth to crawl your website content.

Lack of real-time indexing is the reason why search engines do not reflect the latest changes made to a page.

How does IndexNow fix the Indexing Issues?

IndexNow sends ping signals to participating search engines. With simple ping, search engines will understand when you update, delete, or publish a new page.

With IndexNow, you can instruct search engines to crawl important updates.

Popular CMS like WordPress and Cloudflare have made IndexNow integration easy.

You do not need any third-party plugins to IndexNow If you are using plugins like:

  • Yoast
  • SEOPress
  • RankMath
  • All-in-one SEO

If you are running a website on Duda or Wix premium, then you will automatically get IndexNow-enabled services.

You can activate IndexNow with 4 steps:

  1. Generate IndexNow API.
  2. Host it on the root directory of your website.
  3. Add codes to let IndexNow API submit your website URLs.
  4. Check web admins’ tools to know if all the URLs are submitted or not.

If you are publishing new posts or updating old posts, then you must make sure that search engines should crawl and index them.

You can do it with the help of IndexNow API or plugins.


Real-time indexing is necessary to ensure that your updates get indexed faster. IndexNow is the best at it.

With IndexNow, you can streamline the indexing process and update search engines automatically. Use search IndexNow to update your updates, changes, or new articles automatically.

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