November 22, 2023

Gambling and Social Media: How Online Communities Shape the Experience

Whether placing a bet on sportsbooks, entering a lottery draw, or playing a game or two slots on an online casino real money, gambling is an enjoyable pastime for many.

Research shows that around 10 percent of American adults play live or online casino games at least once a week, and sports betting was even more popular with people wagering on sports such as football, horse racing, and e-sports tournaments.

Popular casino games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack were traditionally placed in land-based casino venues. Players might visit alone or go along with friends and other gambling enthusiasts.

Gambling and Social Media, How Online Communities Shape the Experience: eAskme
Gambling and Social Media, How Online Communities Shape the Experience: eAskme

However, as technology has advanced in a way that has supported the development of online casino sites, many players have turned to gaming online in recent years.

Online gambling is now very accessible, with most people having internet-enabled smartphones, and it can conveniently fit into our busy lives.

Land-based gambling still has its place, and many gamblers enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance of a lively casino venue. Furthermore, tourist hotspots like Las Vegas still thrive off American and international visitors traveling to enjoy the thrill its many grand gambling outlets offer.

As the online gambling world has developed, so too have online communities such as social media platforms. These have become utilized by both gamblers and gambling service providers to form interest groups and share experiences.

Social media is now an integral aspect of our social lives and communities:

Just a couple of decades ago, social media was in its infancy and was very basic in its design and content. In 2003, MySpace was launched for blogging, sharing music, and creating customizable profiles. Facebook followed a year later to keep friends connected and allow them to post their thoughts and ideas online.

Today, the average person spends 145 minutes of their day engaging with social media and has an average of 7.1 online social media accounts. Many depend on these platforms to keep in touch with their communities, for entertainment, and to engage with interests like gaming, music, fashion, and popular culture.

Each platform, including Facebook, X, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, has its purpose and shares different types of content. For those interested in gambling, casino, and sportsbook-related content, each platform can be used to connect with related brands and others who enjoy gambling, too.

The role of online communities in gambling - what do these communities facilitate?

The rapid development of the online gambling industry has been facilitated by both the advancement of the internet and the fast growth of social media platforms.

Social platforms allow gamblers to replicate some in-person interactions they would have when in land-based casinos and bookmakers and share their interests with a much wider group of people than they once had access to.

The role that online communities now play in learning about gambling and sharing gambling behaviors is becoming more and more central.

What are some of the uses of online communities for gamblers?

There are many reasons why a casino player or betting enthusiast might engage in relevant online communities. For some, it can be for troubleshooting purposes. Perhaps they are having difficulties finding games they like or are new to gambling and do not know where to start.

More experienced bettors may engage with the community to share helpful tips and advice; they enjoy imparting the knowledge they have gained with others and generally share their hobby with those who also have an interest.

Sharing news of and celebrating significant winnings can also be a reason for posting. Winning a game or bet online when playing online can mean there is no one else physically present to cheer you on, but the online community can share their congratulations and celebrate with you.

Those who engage with online communities may invite their 'real life' friends or their social media connections to join; this helps to grow the platform further and keep it fresh with new content and users.

Gambling providers also connect with their audiences through social media.

Casino players and bettors aren't the only people utilizing social media. The gambling providers and brands that deliver the experiences they enjoy also engage with the online community to help shape the experience.

Social media has many uses from the business perspective, particularly for marketing and advertising purposes but also for customer service and insights. The different social media platforms are used in different ways by brands to reach and engage with their current user base and prospective future customers.

For example, Facebook is the most popular of all the social platforms. A gambling brand may use Facebook to share updates about their site and upcoming product releases. At the same time, X (formally Twitter) is ideal for handling customer complaints.

Social media is a massive opportunity for gambling brands to connect with audiences, but it is also invaluable to players wanting to share their experiences with those with mutual interests.

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