August 22, 2022

How Much Do YouTube Influencers Earn From Streaming Slot Games?

YouTube has produced a wide variety of phenomena in recent years.

Game and product reviews abound. Beauty and make-up tips are particularly popular with girls.

And some YouTubers comment on world events - and in the end, even manage to be allowed to interview Chancellor Merkel.

How Much Do YouTube Influencers Earn From Streaming Slot Games?: eAskme
How Much Do YouTube Influencers Earn From Streaming Slot Games?: eAskme

The fields of activity of the YouTube asterisks are very diverse. Often ridiculed at first, successful YouTubers now earn a lot of money with their videos.

Of course, looking for topics that generate a lot of clicks and, thus, advertising revenue makes sense.

One of these niche phenomena is the non-GamStop casino videos.

Here you can spend hours watching the players gambling – and supposedly clearing away – in the game library.

We took a closer look at the topic, the business model behind the videos, and, last but not least, checked the truthfulness of the videos.

Are there slot machine tricks that regularly visit the arcade a success?

Who & What Is Behind the Non-GamStop Casinos Slots Videos?

The non-GamStop casinos slots videos on YouTube can be divided into two categories:

  • The pure game and win videos where you can watch the players gamble.
  • The videos dealing with slots tricks.

We looked at the most successful YouTubers in both subject areas.

In the following, we present you with the most popular channels in a short portrait.

And also reveal how serious we think the whole thing is.

The Most Successful YouTube Channels With Video Games:

So, here is our overview of the largest channels of non GamStop casinos, and we want to give you a brief overview of what makes the different channels unique.

Risk Casino - More Than 19,000 Subscribers / Over 22 Million Video Views:

The videos of this YouTube channel have a market crier character. While watching, we constantly felt that something was being sold here.

Already in the video description, it says:

  • “BIG WIN.”

High stakes are played here across the board. So far, it also fits the channel name - and there is always actual clearing.

The player has a lucky hand.

The videos are also commented on in the style of the video descriptions. Loud, everything was “extremely crass,” and it felt like child’s play to collect the winnings.

As loud and flamboyant as the player is behaving, it’s hard to imagine him secretly filming in a land-based casino. Various comments on this channel also confirm this.

The Big Jackpot - 382,000 Subscribers / 10 Million Video Views:

The Big Jackpot YouTube channel publishes new videos regularly, sometimes several times a week.

Some videos are incredibly long, lasting over an hour.

The focus is clearly on casinos, but you will occasionally find online casinos, not on GamStop videos.

The content is similar to that of the other channels.

The action sequences are cut together and lined up. It should be mentioned that loss sequences are also shown from time to time.

Unlike “Risk Casino,” for example, The Big Jackpot seems to be a real player, and the videos are not fake.

Online Casino Tube - 10,000+ Subscribers / 6.5 Million Video Views:

New videos are regularly published on this channel. Sometimes several videos per week.

Here you will find both casino and online casino content.

The stakes that are played are relatively high. Accordingly, there are also many “big win videos.”

But it is not just limited to winning sequences, but also losses are shown - sometimes several 1,000 euros are shot. In this respect, the videos can be described as “honest.”

Entire Risk - Approx. 2,500 Subscribers / Over 1.8 Million Video Views:

Quite an active channel. New content is added several times a month.

The usual clearing videos await you here. High stakes, big wins. Gambling seems to be child’s play.

The best thing about the channel is that the current videos point out at the beginning that playing in non-GamStop casinos makes a lot more sense.

Here the massive profits would wave with minimal effort.

The Youtuber wants to explain how this works in a “soon to be published tutorial.”

However, why he continues to produce non-GamStop casinos videos when the big prizes are waving online is probably only known to him.

Casino Magic - Approx. 1,500 Subscribers / Over 1.7 Million Video Views:

The channel could probably also be named the “El Torero” channel because most of the videos are played on exactly this slot machine.

Here you will find both longer sessions (about 30mins) and short videos showing only a bonus or free spins sequence.

As with almost all channels, you will see successful free spins here. Not much is said during the videos. There are only a few comments.

But there is an FAQ video in which the Youtuber briefly explains his playing style and “strategy.”

The videos are shot in a game library. The Youtuber keeps switching back and forth between several machines. In this respect, what is shown can be described as “honest content.”

Secret Casino Tricks - More Than 2,700 Subscribers / Over 1.4 Million Video Views:

The content in this channel is relatively old. You won’t find any current videos.

Most are from the years 2015 and 2016. In addition to some videos with high winning pictures, you will also find various videos here that point to supposed winning tricks.

However, these tricks are not mentioned - so you don’t learn how to use the alleged tricks. It is only said that there are tricks - and with them, winning is child’s play.

Ultimately, the videos all refer to the “Secret Casino Trick Book,” which you must purchase. Smells suspiciously like a rip-off. The benefit of this channel is close to zero.

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