November 21, 2023

Harimanga: What is it? 15 Best Harimanga Alternatives (100% Working) in 2024

Harimanga is a free online manga reading platform.

Worldwide, thousands of manga lovers are reading their favorite manga online on sites like Harimanga, 247Manga, Toonly, etc.

Even though Harimanga is a site with a user-friendly design, you may not find in some countries.

Not all hope is lost!

The original Harimanage website shut down, but other sites like Harimanga are still working. You still have thousands of free websites to read manga online.

Harimanga, What is it, Best Harimanga Alternatives (100% Working) in 2024: eAskme
Harimanga, What is it, Best Harimanga Alternatives (100% Working) in 2024: eAskme

If this is the case, you must look for free Harimanga alternatives.

But before you check out the list of free Harimanga alternatives. Here is something that you must know!

What is HariManga?

Harimanga is an online manga reading website.

You can read Manhwa, Manga, and Manhua comics online. Manga was initially born in Japan, and this comic version has gained massive attention worldwide.

HariManga publish Manga comics in different categories such as Romance, Comedy, Shoujo, Drama, Schoollife, Shounen, Action, Fantasy, Manga, Manhua, Adventure, Anime, Cooking, Doujinshi, Ecchi, Historical, Horror, Live Action, Martial Arts, Mecha, Mystery, Psychological, Saci-fi, Seinen, Sports, Tragedy, Supernatural, Webtoon, etc.

You can get free latest updates of manga, manhua, and manhwa.

At HariManga, everything is available on any premium Manga reading website. Like a paid manga website, it is fast, ad-free, offers updates and is accessible on every device. You will get everything for free without spending a dime.

Another thing that makes Harimanga popular is that you can access the Manga reading experience without registration or subscription.

Most Popular Manga on HariManga to Read are:

  • The beginning after the end
  • Romance is a bonus book
  • Omniscient reader's viewpoint
  • Why Rarliana ended up at teh duke's mansion
  • How to get my husband on my side
  • Pure love operation
  • Solo farming in the tower
  • Actually I was the real one
  • A Divorced evil lady bakes cakes
  • Im the queen in this life

Is HariManga Legal?

The legality of online manga reading services depends upon the country you are residing in. HariManga may be banned in some countries, but it is working in other countries.

Use a VPN to stay safe on free online streaming services or manga-reading websites. You can also use an ad-blocker if you are unsure about the ads on HariManga or other free anime comic websites.

VPN protects your identity and privacy.

Is HariManga Working or Down in 2024?

In 2023, HariManga is still working and accessible in many countries. The popularity of Manga comic series has grown in the past decade. The Japanese youth and people worldwide are reading manga comics online on HariManga.

A massive collection of free Manga comics, frequent updates, and fast loading have made HariManga quite a popular online manga reading website among users.

You can read manga books for free without signing.

In the coming days, you may see a free HariManga streaming service to watch manga anime TV series online.

HariManga is here in 2023.

How can I access Hari Manga?

It is easy to access the Hari Manga website online. You can visit the HariManga website from your mobile, laptop, or desktop. You just need a working internet connection to access the online manga reader.

  • Go to
  • Look for the Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua comic you want to read online.
  • Take the help of a search bar if your favorite Manga is not listed on the homepage.
  • Click the thumbnail to open the available episodes of manga comics to read.

Best Harimanga Alternatives (Working in 2023):

1. Toomics:

Comics is one of the most popular free manga readings. You can read almost all the popular manga comics and anime comics on the Toomics website or app.

Toomics is a subscription-based manga website. You must have a premium subscription to access comics online.

After purchasing the premium subscription, you can read thousands of manga and anime comics online on Toomics.

2. MyReadingManga:

MyReadingManga is a free manga reader with manga movies. It is also the best alternative to Harimanga. Similar to Harimanga, you can read manga comics in English and watch Manga videos in English. With MyReadingManga, you can watch free manga content without registration.

3. 1stkissmanga:

1stkissmanga is a popular website for reading manga with the latest updates. This free Hari Manga alternative offers readers free manga, manhwa, and anime comics online.

A massive collection of manga comics and easy-to-use interface has made 1stkissmanga quite popular among manga lovers.

1stkissmanga is still working. You can find 1stkissmanga sites with similar designs and manga content to read.

4. BibiManga:

BibiManga is a free website in the list of best manga reading sites like HariManga.

You can buy coins to read manga on the Bibimanga website. There are also many free manga books available online for you to read.

Use ad-blocked and VPN when visiting free manga reading websites like Bibimanga and HariManga.
Now, you know these alternatives to HariManga. It is the time to learn more.

5. LikeManga:

Likemanga was earlier known as 1stkissmanga. It is a free anime comic website for manga lovers. You can read New, Top of the Month, Top of the Week, and Top of the Day manga online on LikeManga.

There is a huge list of manga genres for you to choose from. You can find hot manga updates on the homepage.

Likemanga also work as an alternative to HariManga, ZinManga, Mangabuddy, mangago, Mangahub, ManhwaClan, Mangasic, ReadManga, Mangakakalot, Manganato, Mangageko, etc.

6. MangaTX:

MangaTX is another website like HariManga to read free manga series. On MangaTX, you will find Manga, Manhua List, and Novel categories. You can also visit the MangaTX discord server for the latest comic updates.

MangaTX is known for Romance, IseKai, and Action based manga comics.

7. MangaPark:

MangaPark is a free online website to read updated manga series. You can read Cartoon, Comic, Doujinshi, Imageset, Manga, Manhua, manhwa, and webtoon comics online and leave comments about your experience.

Mangapark is an easy-to-use website with quick loading.

8. MangaBuddy:

MangaBuddy is a free online manga reading website like HariManga.

It is easy to use, fast loading, and offers manga in genres such as Romantic, Action, Thriller, horror, drama, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, etc.

It is free to read most of the manga online on MangaBuddy. But to read the latest manga, you need an active premium subscription. You can also access polls, comments, and discussion boards.

9. MangaRock:

MangaRock is also similar to Harimanga in design. You can find similar manga content to read on Mangarock. It is popular for reading manhwa, action, romance, comedy, martial arts, adventure and supernatural manga comics.

At Mangarock, you will find other manga sites liste to read more manga such as Mans 1st, 1st Manga, Manga Fox, Nitro Mangs, manga Freak, etc.

10. NewToki:

Newtoki is a free romantic online manga reading platform with a massive homepage manga collection.

With a vast list of genres and manga comics, NewToki became a user favorite to read manga online.

Its user review section helps you determine which manga comic is the best.

The NewToki website is not available anymore. Yet, you can find Reddit newtoki: r/manhwa for the latest manga and manhwa comics.

11. S2manga:

S2Manga is well known for offering traditional Japanese manga comics. You can also find historical and Western manga online.

S2Manga matches the HariManga in design, content, and accessibility.

You can find premium manga comics online on S2manga.

12. Topmanhua:

Topmanhua is a free, hottest manga-reading website with absolutely no ads. There is a signup/sign-in option, yet you can read all the manga comic books online for free.

You can check their Hottest, Read Novel, Manhwa, Completed, All Manga, and Manga categories.

You will also find Manga from almost every genre on Topmanhua website. There is also the rating avilable on every manga comic.

13. Toonily:

Toonily sounds like Toomics, but it is a free online Korean manga and manhwa reading website for users.
On the Toonily website, you can not only read trending and news Manga comics online. But, Read complete manga series online.

Some of the Toonily comics have more than 8 million views.

14. Webtoons:

WebToons is another online manga reading site with a massive user base. You can find top-rated manga comics online on WebToons. It is free to read comics online. You do not need to sign up or subscribe to read the latest manga online.

Webtoons quickly update manga to give users a fresh manga experience. Some of their manga series have more than 9 million views. You can also download the free Webtoons app.

15. Zinmanga:

Zinmanga is also a free website for reading romantic manga comics online. You can check the massive manga list available online on Zinmnaga to find your favorite comics.

You can get subscriber discounts, the latest updates, fresh comics, and recommendations.

It is also a subscription-based service.

How to Use Hari Manga to Read Manga Online?

Traditionally, Japanese manga is written in a right-to-left format. But, an English user needs something to read from left to right. HariManga's collection of manga comic series has solved the issue for English readers. Now, you can read manga online in English.

What is Hari manga on Reddit?

You can find u/harimanga, where Hari Manga content is shared on the Reddit website. There are a lot of manga and manhwa available to read online.

You can discuss manga comics, what is coming next, etc. It's free to join Reddit communities like r/manga.

Harimanga (2023) – FAQs

Why Disappeared?

Hari Manga is still active. But in some countries, due to geo-blocking, it is possible that you may not be able to access the HariManga website. It is also possible the ISP has blocked access to HariManga. If you are facing this issue, then you need Harimanga alternatives.

Does HariManga Not Work?

HariMangs is working, But if HariManga is not working for you, you may consider a trustworthy VPN service to read manga online.

Is Harimanga Legal?

The legality of the HariManga website is subject to the country where you are. If it is blocked in your country, the government does not want you to visit the site, and you need Har manga alternatives.

Which VPN is Best to Access Sites like Harimanga?

You can use NordVPN, SurfShark, ExpressVPN, etc., to find Harimangd working website.

What are the other alternatives to HariManga?

Mangatoon, Zinmanga, Bilibili Comics, Manganelo, Webtoons, Kunmanga, etc., are free sites like Harimanga.


Harimanga is one of the most popular online manage reading website. There are also many alternatives to HariManga website.

Do you read manga online?

Which manga you want to read?

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