November 16, 2023

New YouTube AI Content Guidelines for Content Creators: Must Comply!

YouTube wants to ensure the use of responsible AI when content creators use AI tools to improve their digital content for YouTube channels.

YouTube is introducing new AI content policies and removal requests for deep fake videos.

There's no doubt that YouTube wants to unlock creativity with the help of available tools. Even YouTube is using Generative AI tools to improve its performance. However, content creators use these tools to mislead the audience or produce misleading content using deep fake videos.

YouTube is also planning to reduce the risk of misleading content generation.

YouTube AI Content Guidelines for Content Creators, Must Comply!: eAskme
YouTube AI Content Guidelines for Content Creators, Must Comply!: eAskme

For this purpose, you have introduced new AI rules that every YouTube content creator must follow, which will roll out in the coming months.

This will help YouTube to create a balance between AI technology and content creation.

YouTube AI Content Guidelines for Content Creators:

Here are the YouTube rules and policies you must follow in the coming months.

1. Mandatory disclosure requirement and new labels:

YouTube will make it mandatory for every YouTube creator to disclose if he's using synthetic media or AI-generated alteration in his videos.

It includes artificial events or speech that never happened in the original video content.
All the deep fake videos come under this rule.

Another thing is the introduction of new labels. YouTube will disclose labels about artificial content or AI tools.

YouTube has displayed how it will label AI-generated content.

YouTube Ai Mandatory disclosure requirement and new labels: eAskme
YouTube AI Mandatory disclosure requirement and new labels: eAskme

It is expected that sensitive content like public officials, social conflicts, disasters, or YouTube may introduce new labels in the coming days, weeks, or months.

You do this by introducing new air policies because content creators are spared to understand the use of AI technology for YouTube videos. If a YouTube video fails to comply with the new rules, then YouTube may ask you to remove the content or remove the YouTuber from the YouTube Partner Program.

2. Content removal request:

People can also make content removal requests to remove any deepfake content with the identifiable user, his voice, or even his face.

It will hurt the deepfake videos on a YouTube channel.

Even the music partners will have the right to make content takedown requests for AI music. When considering these requests, you two will consider newsworthiness, parody, and public interests.

3. AI content moderation:

YouTube is already using AI technology to moderate content on its platform. YouTube can identify abuse on YouTube channels.

With the help of generative AI, YouTube can easily find harmful content and new threats.

4. Responsible AI tools:

YouTube is working on creating responsible AI tools for content creators to help them use their technology while following YouTube AI policies.

YouTube is dedicated to entity protection and learning new threats to avoid them using tools.

5. New YouTube policy Enforces:

I can predict that YouTube's AI policy will be enforced in 2024.

You two must consider AI and human engagement when implementing the new AI policies.

The company can also train its AI tools to identify existing content and flag videos to push content creators to use proper disclosure.

YouTube can also consider random audits of YouTube channels.

It is best not to use deep fake videos and start disclosing tools and the content you have used in your YouTube videos.


YouTube is excited about new AI policies and disclosure. It will help YouTube to remove meaningless content from its platform.

Here, you can check YouTube's complete AI policy document and find out what you should do next.

As a YouTuber, you must follow YouTube content policies and privacy policies.

Are you ready for the new YouTube AI policies?

Let me know in the comments.

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