Aniwatch ShutDown! 100% Working Aniwatch Alternatives to Watch Anime TV Series, Movies Online Zero Ads, or Download Aniwatch

Aniwatch, an official anime streaming website, shut down due to business constraints. Free anime streaming was easy on Aniwatch, but regular outages forced them to close the website.

If you are a regular Aniwatch user, then you may feel heartbroken.

But do not worry; there is good news for you.

Even if Aniwatch's official website is not there, many free anime streaming websites are still active online.

Sites like Animepahe, Kiss Anime, Kiss Cartoon, Anime4hd, etc., are already popular among anime streamers.,, watch anime tv series, movies online zero ads, download aniwatch: eAskme
Aniwatch to, Aniwatch ph, watch anime tv series, movies online zero ads, download aniwatch: eAskme

Also, there are sites like the original Aniwatch are available on different URLs such as:

  • Zoro to
  • Aniwatch app
  • Zoro tv

Shutdown is a common thing among free anime streaming websites. Even when a site like Zoro TV shuts down, it comes back as Aniwatch.

Aniwatch is a free anime streaming site that has gained the attention of anime lovers. Anime watchers are still looking for sites like Zoro to, Aniwatch, Anilinkz, Gogoanime, etc.

What is Aniwatch? is a free anime streaming website. It offers free anime streaming and free anime video downloads. You can also download dubbed and subbed anime movies, TV series, etc.

Anime lovers find Aniwatch interesting because it offers everything without ads and without asking to register, pay, or even subscribe.

It is free to stream anime online on the Aniwatch to website.

Is Safe?

Aniwatch is a site where you can watch anime online and download free anime shows or movies. You can access every anime video for free without signing up.

A free anime streaming site like Aniwatch faces downtime. Then, you need to look for Aniwatch alternatives.

There are no malicious ads on Aniwatch websites. Ads on free streaming sites are usually filled with malicious codes. Without ads, Aniwatch seems safer than many other free anime websites.

 Is It Legal to Use is streaming anime movies and tv-series online for free. Most free anime streaming websites, like Animesuge, 4anime, Anime-planet, Gogoanime, 9anime, etc., are streaming pirated anime videos.

Using a reliable VPN service to stay safe and anonymous when visiting a free streaming website like Aniwatch is better.

Also, make sure that Japanese anime streaming laws are not applicable in your country.

Why is the Best Aniwatch Alternative? is not just an anime streaming website but also an anime community. You can find anime shows and movies on the homepage, with a "Random" feature, or even join the community to participate in anime discussions.

Aniwatch To is a better anime streaming website than the original Aniwatch website.

Here are the reasons that make the best Aniwatch alternative:

Clean User Interface: has a clean user interface with easy navigation. It is a fast-loading website with premium-quality anime content.

You can find your favorite anime on the homepage or use the search option.


Aniwatch To is compatible with every device. You can even use the Aniwatch app to stream anime shows. Chromecast is also a feature that allows you to stream Aniwatch on your TV or Roku. The Aniwatch website is accessible on Android and iOS devices.

You can also download or save anime videos.

Customer Support:

Most of the free anime sites need more customer support services. offers free customer support to help you when needed.

You can ask questions, get help to find your favorite anime shows or movies, etc. You can get their support in the community section.

You will not see any broken pages; all Anime shows are regularly updated.

Easy Anime Streaming:

Aniwatch is streaming anime shows in just a couple of clicks. You can get the best anime streaming experience without ads. There is no buffering or lagging when streaming TV series or movies.

HD Streaming:

Aniwatch is not streaming anything in low quality. You can watch your favorite anime TV series in 360p, 720p, and 1080p HD quality.

Massive Anime Collection:

Aniwatch has a massive content library. Almost every anime, TV series, and movie is on its platform. A safe streaming website with huge content is the best for anime lovers.

You can watch almost every anime show and movie genre on Aniwatch, such as Action, Kida, Drama, Music, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, School, Romance, etc.

Updated Anime TV Shows:

Aniwatch quickly updates every anime episode and movie. This is why you get the maximum number of anime movies and the latest episodes of anime TV series online as they are released.


Safety is the primary concern with free anime streaming websites.

To stay safe, you need an anime streaming website with zero ads. do not have any ads. This ad-free anime streaming website is the best to save your device from malicious attacks. You also do not need to share your registration information with the website.

Other Aniwatch Alternatives:


Animesuge To is a free Aniwatch alternative to watching anime online in English. A massive list of anime dubbed and subbed videos is free to stream. It is free to join Animesuge and watch complete anime TV series online in HD.


4Anime GG is another alternative that lets you watch or download Anime subbed or Dubbed videos in English. You can find your favorite anime shows to watch online. You can even download free anime movies or save them to watch later.


Do you want to watch Dubbed or subbed anime videos online for free? If yes, then Anime-Planet is the site where you get everything. You can watch the latest episodes of all anime TV series online for free in HD.


KickAssAnime Am is a free, active anime community where you can watch anime online.

At KickAssAnime, you can watch anime videos in 240p, 320p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p video quality. Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd Season 1 is also streaming online on KickAssAnime.


Kissanimeru, or Kissannime Com Ru, is another alternative to Aniwatch.

It is a free anime streaming site to watch ‎Undead Unluck, SPY x FAMILY Season 2, ‎A Playthrough of a Certain Dude's Vrmmo Life, etc.


Aniwatch is one of the most popular anime streaming services, with thousands of anime TV shows and movies in its database.

You can watch the most popular shows on Aniwatch, such as One Piece, Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku-Hen, Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd Season, Naruto: Shippuden, Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku-hen [Uncensored], The Eminence in Shadow Season 2, Jujutsu Kaisen (TV), Bleach, Black Clover, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Watch your favorite anime TV shows and movies online in HD.

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