December 07, 2023

Google Gemini will Launch In 2024

Google's most powerful AI, "Google Gemini," is set to launch in 2024. It was expected that Google Gemini will launch in December 2023. But, Google has delayed its launch to improve its language capabilities.

Google made this decision after the issues with non-English queries.

The report also shows that Google is going for a public preview of Google Gemini.

Google Gemini will Launch In 2024: eAskme
Google Gemini will Launch In 2024: eAskme

VerTex AI use has posted on "X" (formerly known as Twitter) about the launch of 4 Google Gemini Models.

4 Google Gemini Models for VerTex AI Model Gardem are:

  • Gemini-pro
  • Gemini-pro-vision
  • Gemini-ultra
  • Gemini-ultra-vision

Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO, has also confirmed that Gemini is a series of AI models.

Here is what You Must Know!

Why is Google Gemini Delayed?

Gemini Gemini was expected to launch in 2023. But Sundar Pichai has canceled his events in Washington, California, and New York.

These events are related to the launch of Google Gemini and the strategy to market the AI products.

Google understands the AI competition from Meta, OpenAI, and Microsoft. It is building Gemini to overpower other AI tools.

GPT-4 is Better than Gemini to Understand Multilingual Queries:

GPT-4 has performed better than Gemini when handling multilingual user queries.

Google is improving AI technology to stay ahead in the AI market.

Google AI Strategy:

Google's AI strategy is working to outperform other AI tools. Google Gemini is still in progress. Google also deals with other AI products such as Docs, Bard, and Assistant. These products will also help Gemini to work better.

Google also needs to be the most innovative company in the industry. Right now, OpenAI is holding that place with innovative AI tools. Microsoft Copilot is also getting better day by day.

Google Bard is also getting new capabilities to challenge ChatGPT and other AI models.

Gemini delayed ensuring that it has advanced capabilities like multilingual features. Soon, you will see more AI models joining the Vertex AI Model Garden.

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