January 06, 2024

Kokoa TV: How to Watch Korean Tv Shows and Movies online!

Kokoa TV is the home of entertainment for K-drama or Korean movie lovers. In recent years, Korean culture, music, movies, and TV shows have attracted a massive audience outside Korea.

It's been possible because of streaming services like Kokoa TV and Korean content in English.

KoKoa TV:

Kokoa TV: Entertainment is Here!: How to Watch and Stream Korean Tv Shows Online: eAkme
Kokoa TV: Entertainment is Here!: How to Watch and Stream Korean Tv Shows and movies Online: eAkme

Korean free streaming services like Kokoa TV are so popular that they are attracting even more audiences than Netflix, Hulu, and any other Korean OTT platform.

As a free streaming site, KokoaTV has to face some challenges. It is time to find out everything about the Korean streaming service Kokoa TV or Kokowa TV.

What is Kokoa TV?

The Kokoa TV app and Kokoa TV site both offer you the same Korean content. You can watch unlimited K-dramas, Korean movies, etc.

You can access kokoa website from any device with an internet connection.

Why Kokoa TV Is Popular?

Some features make the free streaming site Kokoa TV popular, such as:


You can access Kokoa TV on your laptop or desktop. There is a Kokoa TV app that you can install on your Android device to watch movies and shows without typing the website.

The best thing is that KokoaTV is accessible on every device. You only need an active internet connection.


KokoaTV is compatible with every device, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, media players, smart TVs, gaming consoles, etc. You can also use Chromecast to stream Korean movies and shows on your smart TV.

User Interface:

Kokoa TV has a clean user interface with easy navigation.

You will find multiple options to search for your favorite Korean movies or shows, such as categories, TV, OTT platforms, and even the search option.

Fast loading and responsive design also make Kokoa user-friendly.

Stream & Watch Korean TV Shows Online:

KOKOATV has a list of OTT platforms to let you choose the Korean content that you want to watch online, such as:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV
  • Disney+
  • HBO max
  • Netflix
  • Peacock
  • Diving
  • Watch
  • Coupang Play

When you click on the OTT platform, you will see the list of all the available Korean dramas and movies streaming on that platform.

Kokoa TV Subscription:

KokoaTV has a very minimal subscription cost. By just paying a fraction of what you are paying for other OTT platforms, you can watch complete Korean content online in HD.

Affordability has also increased the popularity of Kokowa+.


Kokoa TV is streaming Korean movies, Korean shows, and shows dubbed in the English language. Even if you do not understand Korean, you can still watch a complete Korean series in English.

Unique and Original Content:

KokoaTV is streaming Korean content that you will not find anywhere else. With a massive collection of unique Korean content, it became a popular alternative to watching Korean movies and shows online.

Korean Originals:

Kokoa TV originals are also popular; you can watch popular shows like "Altered Times," Royal Hearts," and "State of Affairs."

Additional Features:

Kokoa TV lets you create up to 6 profiles for yourself and your family. Each profile then gets custom content recommendations based on the viewer's interest.

How to Start with Kokoa TV?


  • Go to KokoaTV.net
  • Choose "Signup"
  • Add your email ID, username, password, and birthday.
  • You will sign up for a free trial.

Kokoa TV Subscription:

  • KokoaTv is offering three subscription plans:
  • Kokoa TV Essentials
  • Kokoa Extra
  • Kokoa Ultimate

You can start with Kokoa Essentials to access 60 channels and unlimited content. If you want more premium Korean movies and shows, then choose Kokoa Extra or Kokoa Ultimate.

KokoaTv Profiles:

You can create up to 6 profiles on Kokoa TV. Give your family each profile to let them set their theme of entertainment. You can start with custom playlists to manage the content you like to watch efficiently.

Kokoa TV Devices:

You can stream Kokoa TV content on smartphones, Laptops, desktops, smart TVs, Roku, Apple TVs < Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

Should I watch Korean Movies and Shows on Kokoa TV?

To understand the answer, you first understand the pros and cons of KokoaTV.

Kokoa TV Pros:

  • Unlimited Entertainment: The best thing about Kokoa TV is that you get every Korean movie and show listed under one website or app. You can watch movies, shows, and even content from significant movie houses such as HBO Max, Netflix, Warner Bros, Disney+, NBC Universal, Peacock, etc.
  • Easily accessible: You do not need to go through much hassle to watch movies and shows on Kokoa TV. Just set up an account, choose a plan, and start watching everything online. Popular shows like Stranger Things, Money Heist, The Queen's Gambit, Sweet Home 2, Bridgerton, Yellowstone, etc., are streaming online.
  • Best of K-Drama: You can watch the best K-drama shows on Kokoa TV. Shows like My Demon, Welcome to Samdal-ri, Death's Game, Gyeongseong Creature, The Story of Park's Marriage Contract, Moon in the Day, Daily Dose of Sunshine, Black Knight, The Glory, Mask Girl, See You in My 19th Life, etc., are streaming on Kokoa.
  • Kokoa TV Downloads: KokoaTv offers free downloading of popular shows and movies. Now, you can watch everything offline.
  • Custom Profiles: Similar to Netflix, Kokoa TV also lets you create different profiles for friends and family.

Kokoa TV Cons:

  • Subscription Cost: Kokoa TV subscription starts at $8.99/month. It is cheap, yet to some people, it can be more than what they can afford.
  • Expiring content: Kokoa TV has content streaming deals with OTT platforms. When the deal is over, they remove the content.
  • Internet is a Must: You can only watch movies or download shows from Kokoa TV on the Internet.


Kokoa TV is the home of Korean movies and K-dramas. You can watch much more than just Korean content. With unlimited content, cheap subscription, user-friendly design, and originals, KokoaTv is giving tough competition to many other premium OTT platforms.

The popularity of Korean streaming services is growing, and so is the KokoaTv.

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