January 06, 2024

Verizon Lawsuit Settlement: How You Can Claim $100 Million? Allegations, Negotiations, Settlement

Verizon's lawsuit is coming to an end with a $100 million settlement. And you can cash it also.

Verizon is offering a settlement to get rid of the lawsuit where plaintiffs claimed that Verizon Wireless had charged allegedly. There was an additional “administrative charge” added to monthly bills that made them pay extra money unnecessarily.

Customers complained that Verizon has never notified them or explained the additional charges.

Now, a $100 million settlement is here.

But before you go to claim your share. Here is everything you must know about the Verizon Lawsuit and settlement.

What is the Verizon lawsuit?

Verizon Lawsuit Settlement: How You Can Claim $100 Million? Allegations, Negotiations, Settlement: eAskme
Verizon Lawsuit Settlement: How You Can Claim $100 Million? Allegations, Negotiations, Settlement: eAskme

Verizon Wireless started charging its customers an additional fee in the name of “administrative charges.” The company never bothered to ask for the customer’s consent before adding these charges.

Lawyers of Verizon customers filed a lawsuit against the company explaining the unlawful charges in customers’ bills.

Not only current but also many former Verizon customers have filed the lawsuit.

Verizon’s Response:

Verizon has never clearly responded about the details of the additional charges. Also, the company has charged higher in the bills than what was advertised.

Even though Verizon denied these allegations, the company tried to stay away from making any public comments.

The Verizon Lawsuit key players:

There were 3 parties involved in the American Verizon Wireless Company lawsuit:


Verizon customers complained about the wrong administrative charges in their bills.

Verizon Company:

Verizon Company is the accused in this lawsuit. The main accusation was the excessive charges in the bills.

Attorneys of the Both Parties:

Both parties hired attorneys and law firms to support their cases, collect evidence, and win the settlement.

Why is Verizon Paying $100 million to customers?

Verizon wants to save its reputation and time. Paying $100 million is an easy way to get out of the lawsuit.
The company is ready to pay eligible customers who have been charged wrongly without consent.

Who is Eligible to Get Payout from Verizon Settlement?

Customers who have been charged wrongly in their postpaid bill between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023, are eligible to get payback from Verizon lawsuit settlement.

How Much You Will Get from Verizon Lawsuit Settlement?

Verizon is paying $100 million to its customers, but it doesn’t mean that you will be a millionaire with this.

You will only get between $15 to $100. The amount you receive depends upon the length of time you have been charged.

How Can You Claim the Settlement Money?

How to file a claim online?

If you are an affected Verizon customer, then you go to the claims website and file a compensation request. Only eligible customers will get an email with an online portal link to file the claim.

How do you file a claim offline?

You can even file an offline claim. Download the form and print it. Please fill in all the details and mail them to the given address.

What is the Verizon Lawsuit Claim Filing Deadline?

The last date to file a claim is April 15, 2024. After April 15, you will not be eligible for claim and compensation. Also, the customers will lose the right to file lawsuits again.

How to Get Out of the Settlement?

You can opt out of the settlement if you have any other claims that are not mentioned in the class-action lawsuit against Verizon. 

You should sign an exclusion request to opt out of the settlement before February 21.

Verizon Company Lawsuit FAQ's:

Who has won the "Verizon Company" lawsuit?

There is a settlement between Verizon and its customers.

What has changed since Verizon Company's lawsuit?

Verizon customers are checking their bills to find any unnecessary charges.

What is Your Takeaway from the Verizon lawsuit?

Businesses want to save their reputation. A $100 million settlement is an example of that.


Verizon is not the first company to face a class action lawsuit. Companies like Bench Craft Company Lawsuit is still going on.

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