December 24, 2023

Norad Santa Tracker: Where is Santa Right Now? Track Santa with NORAD Santa Tracker.

Santa Claus is making his visit everywhere in the world. He started on his sleigh from the North Pole. Christmas is coming, and Santa is doing his job delivering presents to the children.

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has been tracking Santa Claus for the past 68 years. You can also follow Santa Claus’s Christmas 2023 journey with the help of the official NORAD tracking app.

NORAD is an aerospace defence command in the USA and Canada. It is responsible for keeping the skies safe.

Santa Tracker, Where is Santa Right Now, Track Santa with NORAD Santa Tracker.: eAskme
Santa Tracker, Where is Santa Right Now, Track Santa with NORAD Santa Tracker.: eAskme

Here is how to track Santa Claus’s Christmas 2023 journey with NORAD.

Where is Santa Claus Right Now?

Click here to view the Santa Claus location. Santa has already passed China, Singapore, Indonesia, etc. He is heading to India.

You can zoom in or zoom out to see Santa and the locations.

NORAD shares Santa Claus location on their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and X profiles.

NORAD also answers calls on Christmas Eve.

When Will Santa Come to My House?

Only Santa Claus knows his route. Even NORAD will not predict Santa’s route.

But one thing is sure: Santa will only come when children sleep between 9 pm and midnight on 24th December 2023.

Santa will not come if the kids are awake. Sleep to make Santa come to your house.

How is NORAD Santa Tracker Working?

NORAD is using its technologies to know where Santa is. Satellites, fighter jets, and radars are monitoring Santa Claus’ location.

A North Pole monitoring system is known as the “North Warning System.”

The NORAD website says that as Santa begins his journey, they will start tracking him with their air warning satellite.

How do you watch Santa Claus traveling during Christmas?

You can visit the link or check YouTube to know where Santa is and where he is going.

But make sure that you sleep in time to let Santa visit your home and give you some gifts.

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