January 05, 2021

How To Get Creative With Christmas Decor This Year

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! That means it’s time to bust out the lights, the colorful baubles, the cute decor, wrapped gifts, and ribbons. However, if you’re running out of ideas and want to change up the Christmas vibes this time, or, maybe it’s your first time decorating this year and you do not know where to start!

You’ve come to the right article.

There is definitely a myriad of ways other than just simply wrapping everything around your tree the conventional way.

How To Get Creative With Christmas Decor This Year: eAskme
How To Get Creative With Christmas Decor This Year: eAskme

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We’ll play around with color, textures, materials, sizes, and more.

Without further ado, let’s get this party started; and you can find more tips here as well!

Change Up the Colors

Technically, it’s really not a necessary rule to only use gold, silver, or red for decor. You can use any colored decorations!

You can set up your tree in an entire monochrome theme, you can create your own color theme, or even do up a rainbow scheme.

Just thinking of a tree with only pink baubles, tinsels and lights gives us such a thrill.

It’s definitely unconventional, but it is a refreshing change and a reflection of your own style.

Choose a Colored Tree

Instead of changing up the color of your existing decor, why not change up the color of your tree?

We’re sure you’ll find a tree with your favorite color that you like.

An interesting trend is pastel colors lately, and it does bring an 80s, “vaporwave” aesthetic to it.

You can get contrasting decor to put on the colored tree to make it really pop!

It will definitely make for very cute social media posts and Christmas cards.

Less is More

Minimalist style is definitely an aesthetic that’s staying this era, and sometimes, no decor on the tree is part of the aesthetic.

This is great for houses that already have a certain color scheme going on, like one with neutral shades of brown and white walls.

A decorated tree could throw off the entire style of the house and look odd, so why not keep it bare?

It’s a lovely statement piece and still brings about the Christmas cheer without disrupting the look and feel of your home.

Some may even choose a skinnier, more stripped-down looking tree for that true minimalist look.

If you prefer a more spacious type of aesthetic, this type of tree works well with complementing the rest of your room without stealing all of the spotlight.

Silver Bells

Opting for a silver or metallic theme for Christmas really adds a snowy feel to the home, creating an illusion of a white Christmas right in the depths of your own home.

Silver accents and ornaments go well with silver-tinted or powdered branches too.

There are heaps of stores that sell fake snow to put on your tree to make it look like a fresh tree from outside.

Don’t be afraid to use silver tinsel and baubles to emphasize a metallic texture.

Top it off with a stunning silver star and you’re good to go!

Use More Than One

A cozy vibe may call for a group of trees to create dimensions in the room.

If you’re lacking in the decorations department, use the tree as THE decor.

You can start with three different sized trees and group them together.

This helps to bring depth to the room and also means more space for gifts! Who wouldn’t want that?

It really screams Christmas and makes for a great backdrop for big group pictures during Christmas dinners too.

Shrink. It. Down

Maybe you don’t have the space for a regular-sized tree but still, want to join in the Christmas decoration bandwagon.

Well, hop on!

You can dress up your mantle or a shelf with a bunch of mini Christmas trees accompanied by tinsel, lights, and candles.

Add cute plush toys like elves or Santa himself or even a snow globe too!

If you can, use the same shelf to hang the stockings so that it really stands out as the centerpiece of your home.

Sunny Christmas

You know what?

It’s time we address the issue of countries that celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer.

Yes, they exist.

Not every Christmas is a winter wonderland, sadly. But who says you shouldn’t anyway?

You could always do a summery Christmas tree. A cute alternative to stand out from a lot of Christmas pictures is to dress up your tree with flowers!

Replace your usual baubles with colorful roses, tulips, daisies, sunflowers, whatever you like.

It’s a novel idea, and frankly, a very lovely aesthetic. It’s gorgeous and unique and would be an amazing statement piece in any living room.

Plants, Plants, Plants!

Definitely nothing wrong with going with a more tropical type of decor for Christmas!

We’re being inclusive of all the seasons now.

Instead of ribbons and ornaments, you could drape vines, palm leaves, monstera leaves, ferns, and flowers around your tree!

For an extra kick, add some Eucalyptus for a calming scent to fill the room.

A tropical pine tree?

Definitely the talk of the town for sure.

Furthermore, if you are a tech lover and want to have nature added in a tech way, try levitating plant. Levitating plant helps in creating a relaxing atmosphere inside your home. Airsai – Floating Plant Pot from Floately would be the right choice for you as your plant will be nourished with 360 degrees while floating mid-air.

Just Let Loose

Grab the kids and just go ham on the tree.

Pop on huge and plush ornaments, thick and velvety ribbons, and a huge statement star to top the tree.

The mix of texture and campy ornaments can make for an eccentric and vibrant tree.

You can even make your own decor like writing wishes on cards and putting them on the tree.

It’s definitely not conventional, but it emits fun and candid joy, which is essentially the true spirit of every Christmas holiday.


Hopefully, you’ve found a style of tree that suits your liking, and that it makes your holidays a little bit more interesting.

It’s always a fun time to keep changing things up every year, so make it a little family tradition to challenge yourself creatively.

After all, your Christmas tree should be a reflection of your household and not a carbon copy of every tree out there.

So have fun, and have a Merry Christmas!

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