December 11, 2023

How to Create WordPress Website in 60 Seconds? Astra Starter Templates With ZipWP AI Website builder

Astra Starter Templates help you create a WordPress site in 60 seconds with ZipWP AI Website Builder. AI website creation tool ZipWP AI website Builder claims it can make any WordPress website in just 60 seconds.

How is that possible?

ZipWP AI Integration in Astra Starter Templates:

Brainstorm Force, the parent company of Astra Starter Templates, has announced the ZipWP AI builder integration for automatic website creation.

How to Create WordPress Website in 60 Seconds with Astra Starter Templates With ZipWP AI Website builder: eAskme
 How to Create WordPress Website in 60 Seconds with Astra Starter Templates With ZipWP AI Website builder: eAskme


If you do not know, Astra Starter Templates has more than 1 million installations. Astra themes are easy to install and liked by millions.

Astra theme also has a Site builder and deep integrations. You can use Spectra page builder or Elementor addons in the “Essential toolkit” plan. However you will only access the AI website generator to create a website when you choose the “Business Toolkit” plan.

Astra Starter Templates have 3 plans:

  • Astra Pro at $49
  • Essential Toolkit at $79
  • Business Toolkit at $149 (with ZipWP integration)

The new ZipWP AI Builder integration will make it easy to create websites, including images and content optimization.

Astra Templates is offering 280+ templates for easy customization for WordPress websites. One million installations explain the story of its success.

Now, Astra wants to offer you something extra.

With the Astra Business Toolkit plan, you will get the feature to integrate ZIpWP AI Website Builder.

What is ZipWP?

ZipWP is an AI website builder. It is creating professional websites without the need for developers and coding.

ZipWP Offers two options:

  • Free
  • Business ($399/year)

In the free ZipWP plan, you will get the following:

  • Instant WordPress Website
  • 3 AI sites per month
  • No Permanent sites
  • The site expires in 24 hours.

In short, the free ZipWP AI website builder plan is for those who want to test the service.

ZipWP AI website builder Business plan gives you the following:

  • Instant WordPress Website creation
  • 10 AI Sites per day.
  • 20 Permanent WordPress Websites.
  • 20Gb Total Disk Space.
  • 10 Team Members access.
  • White label domain
  • AI Wireframe Builder (under development)
  • VIP Support for business plan
  • 100,000 ZipAI credits monthly
  • You also get a 3 A money-back guarantee and 24/7 support.

When you use the Astra Business Toolkit Plan, you will get ZipWP Pro for 3 months.

ZipWP can create a complete business website or blogging website.

ZipWP premium version or Astra integration lets you create templates from scratch without typing a single line of code. You can change the design and add new content and images with drag-and-drop settings.

Whether a blogger, business, or developer agency, you can still use ZipWP to create websites that suit your client’s needs.

To access ZipWP, you must register on their website.


AI Taking over many jobs and tasks. The web designing and development world is similar to other IT industries.

With the help of AI tools like ZipWP or ZipWP, integration into Astra themes can save you a lot of time and effort.

However, it is always necessary to test the website created by AI to ensure that it meets responsive and Core Web Vitals standards.

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