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David Soul Net Worth! Starsky & Hutch Actor’s Cause of Death, Life, Career, Bio, and Wife. What is David Soul Worth?

Starsky & Hutch star, David Soul, died at the age of 80 leaving a whopping $6 million net worth. His family announced the cause of death from long term health complications.

David Soul is a famous Hollywood actor who is most popularly known for "Starsky & Hutch " movie. He was a famous American actor, singer, Television director and film producer.

His most famous Hollywood appearance was in "Starsky & Hutch". He has played the role of Hutch.

Let's know everything about his life, net worth, and cause of death.

David Soul:

David Soul Net Worth! Starsky & Hutch Actor’s Cause of Death, Life, Career, Bio, and Wife. What is David Soul Worth?: eAskme
David Soul Net Worth! Starsky & Hutch Actor’s Cause of Death, Life, Career, Bio, and Wife. What is David Soul Worth?: eAskme

David Soul was a famous Hollywood actor with a net worth of $6 million. He was an American actor who was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

David Soul famous movies are:

  • Johnny Got His Gun (1971)
  • Magnum Force (1973)
  • Dogpound Shuffle (1975)
  • The Stick Up (1977)
  • Salem's Lot (1979)
  • Through Naked Eyes (1983)   
  • The Key to Rebecca (1985)
  • The Hanoi Hilton (1987)   
  • Appointment with Death (1988)
  • Prime Target (1989)
  • Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive (1992)
  • Pentathlon (1994)
  • Starsky and Hutch (2004)
  • Farewell (2009)   
  • Filth (2013)

David Soul's TV shows are:

  • Flipper
  • Star Trek
  • Here Come the Brides
  • All in the Family
  • The F.B.I.
  • The Streets of San Francisco
  • Cannon
  • Circle of Fear
  • The Disappearance of Flight 412
  • Starsky & Hutch
  • Little Ladies of the Night
  • Salem's Lot
  • Rage!
  • World War III
  • Casablanca
  • The Yellow Rose
  • The Key to Rebecca
  • The Fifth Missile
  • The Secret of the Sahara
  • In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders
  • Unsub
  • Prime Target
  • The Young Riders
  • Murder, She Wrote
  • Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann
  • Holby City
  • Little Britain
  • Poirot
  • Dalziel and Pascoe
  • Lewis

David Soul's Net Worth:

David Soul's net worth is more than $6 million. He has worked in many movies and TV shows throughout his career. David Soul has worked in the UK and USA with many famous actors and directors. David has made millions from his work.

David Soul's early life:

David Soul was born on 28th August 1943 in Maidstone, Chicago, IL. His Hollywood appearances have made him popular.

He was a handsome and famous Hollywood actor. He was most famous for his role as Kenneth Hutchinson or "Hutch" in the popular TV series "Starsky and Hutch."

Paul Michael Glaser played Starsky's role.

David Soul studied at Augustan College and Washington High School. He studied at the University of the Americas in Mexico City. He first tasted fame for his role as "Covered Man" in "The Merv Griffin Show."

David Soul was 6 ft tall.

David Soul's Marriage, Wife and Kids:

David Soul married 5 times:

  • Mirriam Solberg (1964-1965)
  • Karen Carlson (1968-1977)
  • Patti Carmel Sherman (1980-1986)
  • Julia Nickson (1987-1993)
  • Helen Snell (2010-till his death)

David Soul's 5 Children:

  • China Soul
  • Christopher Soul
  • Brendan Soul
  • Tyler Soul
  • Jon Soul

David Soul's Cause of Death:

David Soul's family has told the media about he was facing health issues from a very long time. His sudden death has left his family heartbroken.

David Soul FAQs:

How did David Soul lose his legs?

At the age of 11 months, David Soul was diagnosed with the disease that caused him to lose his legs.

What is David Soul's Age?

He was 80 years old.

What is David Soul's net worth in 2024?

David Soul Net Worth is $6 million.


David Soul died at the age of 82 with $6 million net worth. He has left a remarkable impression on Hollywood movies and shows. David Soul will always be remembered as a fine Hollywood actor, loving husband, and caring parent.

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