January 15, 2024

Google’s New Email Rules for Bulk Senders

Google is strengthening email policies to ensure security and reduce spam. The new email rules will apply to bulk email senders. Any email sender who is sending 5000 emails in one day must authenticate the messages and allow a subscription option in the email. Google has introduced new policies to fight spam in emails. Stricter bulk email rules will help to reduce the volume of spam emails.

New Rules for Bulk Email Senders:

Google has set new rules for email senders sending 5000 emails to Gmail addresses.

Email senders must use DMARC, SPF, and DKIM to validate the sender and his brand.

Google’s New Email Rules for Bulk Senders: eAskme
Google’s New Email Rules for Bulk Senders: eAskme


The one-click unsubscribe option must be in bulk emails. It allows recipients to opt out of email lists.

There is a spam threshold. Email senders must stay lower than that rate.

How to follow the new Email Rules?

It is easy.

  • Only send emails using trusted email senders such as Mailchimp or SubStack. Use Mailchimp alternatives if you need them.
  • Check email open rate and remove unresponsive subscribers.
  • Segment email list to send relevant emails.
  • Personalize emails to improve open rate and engagement.
  • Add unsubscribe option.

For 5000 subscribers, you must follow these guidelines. Even if you have fewer subscribers, still follow the best email guidelines.

How to Build an Email List?

Build email list to reduce spam.

Your email list-building strategy also helps you reduce spam emails. Always segment email subscribers.

For example, Do not add email subscribers interested in entertainment to the list of business email subscribers.

Email segmentation makes it easy to improve user engagement.

Personalizing emails also improves the open rate. People open email that addresses the user with his name.

Tell the user that he is not responsive in emails and let them know the unsubscribe option to clean your email list.


Google is trying to reduce email spam. Follow these rules to improve your email list and engagement.

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