September 12, 2022

Top Six Benefits of Direct Mail Retargeting

Do you have visitors to your website who browse through your page?

Some even place some items in the cart but do not buy them.

This happens all the time, and you would wonder, are they just there to window shop?

Or was there a distraction that made them undecided? 

Are you familiar with the retargeting method?

Top Six Benefits of Direct Mail Retargeting: eAskme
Top Six Benefits of Direct Mail Retargeting: eAskme

This marketing technique has expanded into directing mail by converting website visitors to direct mail audiences.

Site visitors are matched to their name and postal address by using IP address and cookie-based matching.

In layman's terms, retargeting enable you to remind your clients or visitors of the services and products you offer after leaving your site without purchasing. 

Spam folders and ad blockers are not obstacles in the case of such retargeting. On the contrary, it bridges the gap between offline and online marketing. 

These are the main benefits of using offline direct mail retargeting to retarget your customers.


One of the major benefits of direct mail retargeting is cost-effectiveness.

Even though the largest number of businesses consider this marketing method pricier than the other strategies, it is not true.

While you will still be required to pay for the production, postage, and design of marketing materials, the Return on Investment (ROI) is significantly higher.

This marketing technique is believed to provide some of the highest ROIs when compared to the other methods.

Social media's return of investment (ROI) is almost identical to that of direct mail retargeting.

Since customers rarely ignore direct mail, the chances for response and engagement are relatively high.

Businesses whose purpose is to retain customers would benefit from the cost-effectiveness of this method.

Standing out from the competition

Nowadays, digital marketing provides businesses with many advantages, which is why many companies decide to invest in such services.

Almost every business uses digital advertisements, websites, blogs, social media, and email marketing to prove better than the competition.

Consequently, new companies can't find their place under the sun in the sea of competitors.

Offline marketing, on the other hand, provides companies with an opportunity to stand out.

Given most businesses have stopped engaging with prospects via their mailbox, it gives you a chance to be different.

When customers receive physical mail, there is a better chance for them to remember your business.

Also, it is believed that direct mail requires a lower amount of cognitive effort for customers to process the information and understand it.

Click here to learn how direct mail works.


Another benefit of direct mail retargeting is the possibility for personalization of the messages, which drives engagement.

When customers are targeted directly, the response rates are believed to increase by as many as fifty percent.

It is a great opportunity for creating a real relationship with your consumers, especially since they have already visited your website.

In addition, businesses are capable of providing customized offers and landing pages, which improve local marketing.

The response rate to direct mail is much higher than the click-through rate for retargeted and standard ads.

For instance, postcards are among the most preferred direct mail retargeting forms, as they are incredibly memorable.

In addition, since postcards come in no envelope, individuals can read them immediately and decide when it's the right time to get back to a particular company.

Trust building

Another incredible advantage of using direct mail retargeting is the ability for businesses to build trust and loyalty.

The emotional effect of this marketing method boosts the feeling of trust in customers, as they consider tangible objects more valuable.

This marketing method makes a mental impression that lasts, which is more likely to get recalled in the future.

As mentioned before, postcard marketing is considered effective by many customers, as it makes them feel valued.

Improve website traffic quality

Direct mail retargeting is considered to improve the quality of website traffic, as recipients are required to type the URL of your site manually.

Customers are supposed to invest more effort to perform this activity than just clicking on a link.

Nevertheless, once they enter your URL, customers become quality leads.

It is thought that a high percentage of consumers decide to visit a company's website to conduct an online search after receiving direct mail.

The bounce rate is much lower because of the willingness of customers to type in your website.

In contrast, when prospects click on a link, they are more likely to leave the site and bounce to another one.

Better shelf life of your offer

Individuals receive a huge number of emails daily, usually in specials, product promotions, and coupons.

Given the frequency of these e-commerce deals, most people do not even bother opening emails and reading their content.

Anyhow, this is not the case with direct mail, as customers are highly likely to see the offer instead of ignoring it.

By using this marketing method to retarget your prospects and promote your offers and coupons, the likelihood of them seeing these offers is rather high.

The coupons and catalogs will probably stick around in prospects' homes long enough to be used in the end.

More than half of e-commerce shoppers who have received a coupon, postcard, or an ad in their mailboxes are likely to take action at some point.

Moreover, shoppers are also more likely to purchase based on a coupon or promotion after getting such offers in their hands.

Therefore, they tend to trust these tangible promotions more than those they receive in their inbox.

Final word

This retargeting has evolved over the years only to return to direct mail.

Drive back your visitors to check your business again and make a successful sale. 

Trying different methods is just a step away from your business to prosper.

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