March 30, 2024

Creative Fabrica Studio guide

What is Creative Fabrica Studio? How to use it? How to design creative visuals with studio tools and features? Explained everything here.

Creative Fabrica studio is a place for designers to crop images, remove backgrounds, create PNG images, etc. Now, the new creative Studio, is using AI technology. You can use prompts to generate unique images. You can also access existing templates to create new designs.

Creative Fabrica Studio with Spark AI: Essential for Designers, Bloggers, and Marketers: eAskme

Creative Fabrica Studio:

Creative Fabrica is an online marketplace that has launched Creative Fabrica studio to help designs create unique designs using templates, text, elements, photos, patterns, and Spark AI.

You can use multiple features to create engaging images for your content.

It is easy to sign up and create designs for your needs. It is a free tool to create unique designs. After finishing your design, you can download it using the “Share” option.

With Creative Fabrica Studio, you can create PNG images, remove background, create SVG images, etc.
Spark AI technology is helping users with little to no design knowledge create outstanding visuals with the help of prompts.

Who Should Use Creative Fabrica Studio?

Who Should Use Creative Fabrica Studio: eAskme


Creative Fabrics Studios is for every user in need of creative visuals. Bloggers, Graphic designers, marketers, etc., can use studio features to create amazing images.

Free design templates, Spark AI, fonts, images, and text formatting help you to create images relevant to your content needs.

With Creative Fabrics Studios, you can create banners, invitation cards, logos, social media posts, etc.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Creative Fabrica Studio:

Creative Fabrica Studio Templates:

Creative Fabrica Studio templates are a set of existing designs to create new designs.

Use Popular studio templates to design:

  • Ads
  • Announcements
  • Book Covers
  • Business cards
  • Social Media Posts
  • Postcards
  • Posts
  • Tickets, etc.

Spark AI:

Spark AI is one of the most powerful features on Creative Fabrics Studio.

With Spark AI, you can do the following:

  • AI Background Remover
  • Generate Images with Existing Styles
  • Text-to-image

AI Background Remover:

AI is one of the most popular designer tools. Spark AI’s background remover feature saves you a lot of time and performs better. You get a clean image after removing the background. It is easy to download vector images with this tool.

Spark AI automatically removes the background. All you need to do is upload your image and wait for a couple of seconds.

AI Generate Image with Existing Styles:

Spark AI image generator works quickly. Select the styles, type the prompts or keywords, choose the orientation, and click on “Create Image.”

Within a few seconds, you get the designer image based on your input.

You must enter at least 5 words to start the image generation process. For the best result, you are advised to enter detailed prompts.

You also earn the copyright of your images as Studio is not sharing your pictures with others.

Spark AI Text-to-image:

Spark AI Text-to-image is another helpful feature for generating images from text only. Give detailed instructions to generate the best images for commercial use. Spark AI generates unique images from existing resources and is given prompts.

Creative Fabrics Studio Text:

Use the text feature to create invitation cards or party events. The text feature gives you multiple options to format settings. You can change the text alignment and text formation.

You can also use the text feature to give title and relevance to your images. For example, you can create an Alsakan trip invitation with images and text.

Creative Fabrica Studio Free for All:

Creative Fabrica Studio is accessible to all for Free. You can register your account and start creating images with Studio and Spark AI.

While Existing templates can help you use existing designs, you can also use AI to create new designs and watermark them.


Creative Fabrica Studio is an essential tool for designers, bloggers, and marketers. Massive templates and AI technology help you create designs for any need. You can even print these designs.

It is powerful, free, and full of creative potential.

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