May 06, 2024

Parfû Guide: Mystery of the World of Fragrances

Parfû is the Kurdish word for Perfume. Parfû is the part of humans even before civilization. Humanity’s love for fragrance and essence has only grown in centuries. This has made people create more fragrances. It all started with the natural fragrances that came from the flowers, earth, winds, smoke, etc. Later, mankind discovers ways to create new Parfû essence.

Some Parfû essences are natural, and some are artificial. Not only Kurdish people but people from America, India, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Russia have tried new fragrances to display luxury and personality.

Parfû Guide, World of Fragrances: eAskme
Parfû Guide: World of Fragrances: eAskme


History states that Parfû was considered a luxury. Only kings or oligarchs were wearing perfumes. In the modern day, perfumes are easily accessible to all people. The need and essence of Parfû changes from country to country and culture to culture. Some people like light perfumes, and some like hard.
It is the time to dive into the essence of Parf to understand the history, origin, ingredients, types, and impact.

Parfû Origin and History:

Parfû word originated in Kurdish land. It was first invented and used thousands of years ago. History texts explain that Arabians, Indians, Mesopotamians, Aryans, and Egyptians were familiar with Parfû essences.

Our ancestors not only used perfumes as a fashion statement but also as a cure for some health issues. It is also part of religious activities. It is an art to make the right perfume, and perfume makers have gained royalty.

Parfû and Cultures:

Parfû has played different roles in different cultures. It is the symbol of royalty, richness, and religion. Essential oils and fragrances have been used in every country to express emotions, devotion, and spirituality.

Parfû Ingredients:

Parfû ingredients changed with time.

There are two types of ingredients used in most perfumes:

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Synthetic Ingredients

Parfû making started with natural ingredients. Creators were using essential oils, flowers, and other natural things to create eco-friendly perfumes.

Synthetic compounds are becoming more popular in modern perfumes. Artificial materials are cheaper than natural ingredients. Brands use a mix of natural and synthetic materials to create long-lasting and eco-friendly perfumes.

Parfû Manufacturing Process:

There are two ways to manufacture Parfû:

  • Traditional methods
  • Modern methods

Traditional Parfû making is a lengthy process that requires hard labor. Production of natural perfume ingredients takes time, and collection, extraction, mixing, and distillation take time and effort.

The modern process of Parf manufacturing is easy and quick. Companies are using machines instead of labor to create quality perfumes.

Different Types of Parfû:

Parfû types are based on their use in daily life.

Eau Fraiche:

Eau Fraiche is a lighter perfume with only 1% to 3% essential oils. Use it, and it will not give you a headache.

Eau De Parfû:

Eau De Parfû is a long-lasting perfume type with the power of essential oils. It not only gives you style but keeps the mosquitos away.

Eau De Toilette:

Eau De Toilette is used in toilets to get rid of foul smell and create aroma. It establishes a vibrating and refreshing experience.

Eau De Cologne:

Eau De Cologne is useful when traveling. It is easy to wear in a daily routine.


Parfum is the strongest Parfû with 15% to 30% essential oils.

The Psychology of Parfû:

Before you choose a fragrance or perfume, understand the psychology behind fragrances. Different fragrances have different impacts on the human brain.

Parfû has been used to influence emotions, mood, memories, etc. The right fragrance can evoke a romantic mood, and the wrong fragrance can raise anger.

How to Choose the Parfû?

Thousands of brands and perfumes are available in the market. It is a confusing process to choose the right Parfû. To make it simple, focus on the scent, style, occasion, and experience. Choose a scent that doesn’t give you a headache, think about the occasion, and wear that gives you the best overall experience.

How to Apply Parfû?

The best way to apply any Parfû is to wear it on the neck, wrists, and heels to make it discoverable.

How to Store Parfû?

Storing Parfû is itself a task. You cannot drop it anywhere. It is necessary to keep the perfume in a cool and dry place. Avoid light and heat. Exposure to air can also decrease the performance of your Parf.

Parfû Market and Trends:

Parfû market is growing. There is a 6.07% growth in the perfume market. The global fragrance market is expected to reach $64.41 million by the year 2030. Brands like Dior, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Dolce Gabbana, etc., are dominating the perfume market.

Eco-friendly perfumes:

Eco-friendly business is becoming the goal of every company. The feeling of creating eco-friendly perfumes also touches the fragrance industry. Sustainable and environment-friendly perfumes are trending.

Celebrities Influence:

Celebrity influence plays an important role in making people buy perfume. It is the reason why brands are spending millions on celebrity advertising. Not only do Hollywood celebrities buy social media, but influencers are also promoting perfumes.


Parfû’s major use is to set an individual tone. People wear perfumes to display their character, style, and status. The right perfume can add value to your personality.


Perfumes are the most common gift items. While in some cultures it is not wise to gift perfumes, modern generations are more into gifting fragrances such as essential oils.


Evoke your senses with the right Parfû. Choose the right perfume for the occasion, wear it nicely, and follow the local traditions. Perfume can brighten your personality, but too many fragrances can be a headache to many. Test new fragrances or ask your friend if they wear a better perfume.

Parfû FAQs:

Why is Dune perfume so expensive?

Dior is the brand behind “Dune” perfume. Dior makes expensive products, and it is not a surprise that “Dune” is costly.

What does fragrance mean?

The fragrance is a delicate or sweet odor that decreases body odor and gives a fresh experience.

How Should I Choose the Right Parfû?

Choose Parfû that suits your style, personality, and occasion.

Is the perfume movie available on Netflix?

There is a movie with the title “Perfume” available on Netflix.

How to Store Parf?

The best way to store part is to keep it in a cool and dry place away from light and air.

What is eau de toilette and eau de parfûm?

Perfumes last longer than cologne due to the higher quantity of essential oils.

What should I not do when wearing perfume?

Do not wear too much perfume. It can cause headaches and make people run away.

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