June 21, 2024

Bluehost WonderSuite AI WordPress Website Creator to Make Wonderful Sites

Bluehost launched an AI website builder tool to create multiple websites with the power of artificial intelligence. There are many website builders like Divi, Astra, etc., that have already launched AI website builders to automate the WordPress website building process.

Bluehost WonderSuite AI WordPress Website Creator to Make Wonderful Sites: eAskme
Bluehost WonderSuite AI WordPress Website Creator to Make Wonderful Sites: eAskme


AI Website creator is an automated feature from Bluehost to launch websites with ease. With new BlueHost AI feature help users to build professional websites, blogs, and eCommerce sites. Website builders make developer’s life easy.

Bluehost AI WordPress Website Builder:

Bluehost AI WordPress website builder offers a WinderStart tool to accelerate website setup, quick publishing, and personalized development.

  • Accelerate WordPress setup
  • Quick publishing
  • Easy personalization
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Clean dashboard
  • Payment integration

Bluehost WordPress builder comes with tons of features such as advanced caching, PHP, MYSQL, Free CDN, SSL Security, etc.


BlueHost WonderTheme generate a lot of website examples with fonts, colors, and styles. You can choose theme and further customize it to make it unique.


BlueHost AI WonderBlocks are the WordPress blocks to customize webpages and theme.

  • WordPress Block editor
  • User-friendly designs
  • HD designs

How to Access Bluehost WordPress AI?

You must get premium WordPress hosting plan. The Bluehost WordPress hosting plan starts at $2.95/month. After purchasing premium hosting plan, you get access to unlimited WordPress hosting features including AI development.

Bluehost AI website builder works with installations, updates, customization, block editing, content optimization, etc.

Future of WordPress AI Website Builders:

AI is becoming a part of every website builder. BlueHost AI website builder, Elementor AI Website Builder, ZipWP Astra AI website builder, 10web WordPress Ai website builder, Divi AI, are already in the arena.

WordPress AI plugins are also making WordPress website development easy.


BlueHost WonderSuite AI WordPress website builder is helping Bluehost Premium users to develop websites with ease. There is not way to use Bluehost AI for free. You must get WordPress hosting to develop websites and blogs using WonderSuite.

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