June 28, 2024

Are Browser Bookmarks Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?

By Sona Mathews

Are browser bookmarks a Google search ranking factor? Do you want to optimize the browser bookmarks for Google search ranking? Can browser bookmarks influence rankings?

Browser bookmarks are the most common way to save the page from visiting again.

There is not much going on about Browser Bookmarks in SEO discussions. You also cannot find data about the number of times the users bookmark your site.

Are Browser Bookmarks Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme
Are Browser Bookmarks Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme

There are very few people who are asking this question, yet it is worth answering.

But do browser bookmarks impact your Google search position? Let's find out.

Let's understand everything about browser bookmarks and their impact on search.

Browser Bookmarks:

When a user saves a webpage in his Chrome or Mozilla browser that becomes a browser bookmark. User can save a webpage in Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox browser using browser bookmarks.

Claim: Browser Bookmarks is a Google Ranking Factor

There are sites and web admins who believe that Google tracks browser bookmarks and uses this data to rank web pages or websites in Google's organic search results.

People started making assumptions when Google applied for the patent in 2006. Google patent data shows how others can use search customization based on data.

This is not true, as its nature has nothing to do with the user's experience and the answering of organic queries.

Bookmarking is the easiest thing to do. But it has nothing to do with the organic ranking.

And here is the evidence.

Evidence: Browser Bookmarks are a Google Search Ranking Factor

Browser bookmarks do not solve the search engine's core purpose. Thus, it never impacts search engine ranking.

Also, if Google is going for a patent, it doesn't mean that everything is related to search results. There are major flaws in this theory.

Bookmarks are easy to manipulate:

Bookmarks are under the control of the user, and they are easy to manipulate. Web admins can hire a freelancer to create thousands of bookmarks in no time. This is the poorest strategy that anyone wants to follow.

Search ranking is a challenging task. It takes quality, authority, and expertise.

Bookmarks play out of Context:

Users tend to save Browser Bookmarks without adding any context. A lot of times, these bookmarks are saved using non-related words such as my favorite site, etc.

Such data do not help organic users.

Google has Better Ways to Collect Data:

Google has better algorithms and ways to collect and filter data to optimize organic search results.

Google algorithms, machine learning, and AI technologies work way better than browser bookmarks.

Conclusion: Browser Bookmarks are not a Google Search Ranking Factor

Browser Bookmarks has nothing to do with the Google search ranking. It is not a ranking factor. Google never uses any browser bookmark data to rank a website. Organic ranking is more about content, user experience, and engagement.

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