June 21, 2024

Google AI Overviews: How to Optimize Your Blog or Website to AI Overviews and It's Impact on Your Business.

Google I/O 2024 is all about the launch of AI Overviews. Google searches will now display AI-generated results on top of organic results and paid ads. Search engines will also use ads in AI Overviews to generate revenue.

Since the launch of Gemini AI, Google has been using it on various platforms, such as ads. Gemini is Google's most powerful AI.

Now, Google is using the power of generative AI in search results. And to do so, they have launched AI overviews.

Google AI Overviews, what is it, how it works, what sites AI Overviews links to, Impact of AI Overviews on Your Business, How to Optimize Your Blog or Website to AI Overviews: eAskme
Google AI Overviews: eAskme


What are AI Overviews? How it works? How to access it? How it works? How AI Overviews Source Data? How to Turn on and Off AI overviews? How to Optimize Your Blog or Website to AI Overviews?

Here is everything for you to know.

AI Overviews:

AI Overviews is the quick-answer solution in search results. All you need to do is type the question in Google search, and generative AI Overviews will generate the most suitable answer.

It says that Google will do Googling for you.

For example, if you ask Google, "Why Does My Candle Burn Unevenly?" It will generate an AI overview with a detailed answer in a paragraph.

Google has tested AI overviews more than a billion times in Search Labs.

You will also get steps or a day plan for Google.

For example, if you ask Google to give you a seven-day meal plan, AI Overview will generate a result with a meal plan for each day.

For some queries, Google AI Overviews will give you answers in 3 different formats such as:

  • Original
  • Simpler
  • Break it down.
Google AI Overviews will give you answers in 3 different formats: eAskme

Who can Access AI Overviews?

AI Overviews have been rolled out in the USA only. Google plans to launch AI Overviews for a billion users by the end of 2024.

To access AI Overviews, you need:

  • You must be 18 years or older to access AI Overviews.
  • A Laptop, Desktop, Android, or iOS device with internet connection.
  • Open the latest Chrome or Firefox browser app.

How to Get AI Overviews?

Go to Google.com or Open the Google search app.

How Google AI Overviews Works?

  • AI Overviews for Some Searches: AI Overviews is available for limited searches or queries.
  • AI Overviews for other searches: AI Overviews not available for every search.
  • Listen to the Overview: You can list AI Overviews results.
  • Read AI Overviews: For most results, you can read in English and Hindi.

AI Overviews will display three types of results:

  • AI Overviews on the top without organic results.
  • Below AI Overview of generative content, the user will use shopping ads.
  • AI Overviews will display targeted ads.

Google AI Overviews are triggered when a user types a question and query in a Google search. If the Google system believes that there is no better organic result to answer the user's query, then AI overviews will generate the best solution. In doing so, AI overviews also link to other sources or articles.

Sites that Google AI Overview Link To:

Google AI Overviews is expected to display links to eCommerce sites, business websites, or question-answer sites like Quora and Reddit.

Google already made a deal with Reddit, which may give Reddit a boost in AI Overviews. Users will see links to sources and other informational content.

How AI Overviews Source Data?

Google is using Gemini and large language models to create generative results. It automatically sources data. A webmaster or SEO needs help including its site in AI Overviews.

According to the Google document, it is sourcing information like the Knowledge panel.

What will the Impact of AI Overviews on Your Business?

If your business solely depends upon organic traffic, then you may see a drop in organic traffic only if AI Overviews generates results for the same queries.

Industry experts and SEOs are already raising concerns over the drop in organic traffic due to AI-generated content on Google searches. Washington Post published an article explaining how Google AI Results bring carnage to publishers.

ZipTie's report states that AI Overview will cover 80% of queries, which is a serious concern if your website needs to be included in AI Overviews.

How to Optimize Your Blog or Website to AI Overviews?

Content creators, publishers, SEO experts, and marketers are already looking for ways to make the content and links discoverable in AI Overviews.

Here are a few things that you can do:

Structured Data:

The structure of your content is one of the significant things that impact user experience. It will also affect your presence in AI overviews. Google wants to make results more engaging, and structured content is the way to make your content engaging in the eyes of Google and its users.

Expert the Topic:

Create content that covers multiple queries without making the user the user go through multiple pages. Make the customer's journey easy.

Build Authority:

Building authority is the only way to move forward. Reddit and Quora's presence in AI Overviews is the best example of that. Create collaborative content with subject-matter experts or industry experts.

Improve SEO:

Fix technical SEO issues. Make it easy for Google crawlers to crawl your website. Optimize on-page, on-site, and content SEO.

Search Queries:

Keep an eye on search queries that trigger AI Overviews. Track those queries. Use them in your content with relevant information and the best answers.

What is coming next?

Here is what you will see in the future of AI Overviews:

  • Google will launch adjustable features in AI Overviews.
  • AI-generated reasoning in results.
  • Planning for scheduling your day or work.
  • Generate ideas.
  • Get answers for visual queries like images and videos.

How to Turn on or Off AI Overviews?

You can Turn on or Turn Off AI overviews in Search Labs.

  • Open your browser.
  • Sign in using Gmail ID.
  • Go to the "Manage" settings of your browser.
  • Click on the Toggle button to turn on or off the "AI Overviews."

Important Note: There is no option to turn off AI Overviews completely. They are not part of Google search and will be there like the Knowledge Panel.


Google's AI Overviews will expand to more queries in the coming days. Google is expecting to bring 1 billion users to AI overviews. Soon, it will become a habit for users to rely on AI Overviews. It is best to understand what is coming and be ready with content optimization and user-engagement strategies.
Be open and adapt new technologies to stay effective in Google search.

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