June 29, 2024

Project 2025: What is It and Why It is Alarming?

America’s general elections are just around the corner. Former President Donald Trump is giving Biden a hard time. Trump has shared his Project 2025, which is a series of proposals and policy transitions that will happen if Trump becomes president again.

According to the Project2025 website, it is about building a conservative victory through personnel, training, and policy.

Project 2025: What is It and Why It is Alarming?: eAskme
Project 2025: What is It and Why It is Alarming?: eAskme

Here is everything that you must know about Project 2025.

Project 2025:

Proejct2025 is a website launched by conservatives to show their plan for general elections, goals, and presidential transition.

The site states that winning an election is not enough for conservatives. The 2025 Presidential Transition Project’s goal is to create an effective administration.

A full-fledged 920-page document titled Project 2025 has been published. This PDF contains the face of Trump's presidency if he is elected.

Heritage Project President Kevin D. Roberts has created this document.

It is not just a policy document; it touches on sensitive issues like economic plans, immigration policies, and educational plans. If conservatives win the election, then Project 2025 will come into action.

It displays the blueprint of what the Trump administration will look like and work for. It covers points that impact the public as well as the White House, federal agencies, Congress, and cabinet staff.

4 Major Points of Project 2025:

Project 2025 highlights the major points:

  • Secure Right to Freedom
  • Defend against global threats
  • Restore family life
  • Establish self-governance.

Who is Behind Project 2025?

The Heritage Foundation is behind Project 2025. It is full of conservatives. For the last 50 years, The Heritage Foundation has been influencing American lives with anti-LGBTQ, anti-climate, voter suppression, and anti-abortion advocacy.

Project 2025 is the result of what 100s of right-wing groups believe in. NBC News reported that dark money groups are connected to Project 2025.

Concerns about Project 2025:

According to the New Republic, Project 2025 document explains how the Trump administration will Turn America into a fascist state. Project 2025 is against transgender and other expression. It is about to make America a Christian state.

Project 2025 Playbook explains what conservatives will do in the first 180 days of their administration.
The Associated Press reported that Project 2025 will take away people’s professional lives and social tools. It is all about making people serve the government.

Disclaimer: It is not an opinion post. We always believe in freedom of American people and social life. Reader has the right to believe and choose what he likes.

Click here to download and Read the full 2025 Project plan here.

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