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Vaping Temperatures Explained, and the Inside Story on Customizing Your Best Vaporizer Experience

Imagine you’ve just made a major purchase. A brand-new car. An advanced flatscreen. The most amazing phone in the world. Now imagine it worked in binary: Off, or on.

Fast, or slow. Bright, or dark. Sports, or news. That’s it! Happy? No, you’d feel cheated. And you would be.

You wouldn’t accept this with other important technology in your life, so why would you expect or accept this from your vaporizer?

You shouldn’t have to, which is why you should absolutely choose a dry herb vaporizer (or dual-use vape) with precision temperature options.

Vaping Temperatures Explained, and the Inside Story on Customizing Your Best Vaporizer Experience: eAskme
Vaping Temperatures Explained, and the Inside Story on Customizing Your Best Vaporizer Experience: eAskme

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It will give you full control of the ensuing session, whether it’s dry herb or a concentrate of choice.
The general consensus is, the lower the temperature, the less potent, more mellow, and more “active” the high.

And the higher the temperature, the more powerful, sedative, and more sedentary the high. As it happens, there is science behind this.

As research findings published in the scientific journal PloS One back in 2016 state, the first few active ingredients in cannabis begin to be released at temperatures above 356 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius).

Vaping Temperatures Explained, and the Inside Story on Customizing Your Best Vaporizer Experience: eAskme

That’s on the low end. This is when—nerd alert—cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) begin to be converted from biosynthetic precursors into active compounds that the body can absorb via the endocannabinoid system (ECS), in the chemical process called decarboxylation.

Many more cannabinoids are not released, however, until the temperature increases to about 200 degrees Celsius, or 392 degrees Fahrenheit, according to previous research cited in the PloS One report.

That’s the key takeaway here:

There are hundreds of cannabinoid and terpene compounds in cannabis, and they all have different release temperature ranges.

(Leafly, considered by some to be a bible for cannabis-related topics, has a slightly different list of boiling points for cannabis constituents but they don’t list their source; for now, let’s go with what the peer-reviewed science says.)

As the researchers note in the PloS One article, higher temperatures are required for higher levels of vaporized THC versus other cannabinoids; the “highest yield of THC”—and, at least with the dry herbal vaporizers used in the 2016 study, the lowest ratio of “cannabinoids to harmful byproducts”—was 230 degrees Celsius, or 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s a range of nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with a spectrum of different effects within.

You might be wondering: “So which temperature do I choose?”

That answer requires another question: What is it that you want?

And that’s why the vaporizer designers at DaVinci created Smart Path technology, which are four distinct temperature-range settings to choose from.

Along with the DaVinci IQ2’s Air Dial and Dose Control, these features allow for the most customizable experience possible.

DaVinci IQ2’s

Other resources found around the web support the findings published in Plos One.

As WikiLeaf notes, terpenes such as pinene, found in strains associated with sativa dominance and energetic effects, are released at lower temperatures.

Compare that to linalool, a terpene found in lavender as well as strains generally classified as indica, which is released at higher temperatures.

What’s interesting here is how the vaporizer temperature setting will dictate the power and potency of the cannabis you loaded it with, more so than whichever strain it is.

(Of course, if the strain has next to no CBD in it and you’re looking for the anxiety and inflammation relief associated with CBD, you need different starting material.)

Northern Lights Cannabis Co., a Colorado-based retailer, recommends some very finessed fine-tuning while noting that when temperatures are too high, “vital compounds actually boil away.” And this understanding is something that we’ve utilized in our Smart Path settings.

Setting your DaVinci at a low 350 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, would release lower-temperature terpenes in the ground flower you’ve loaded into the oven for a very flavorful draw and lighter euphoric effect.

Dial up to 360 degrees and you’ll start to unlock a little more THC (delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol), along with just enough of the terpenes limonene and myrcene that should get you buzzing without putting you out on the couch.

Here’s where it gets a little complex:

You want to dial it up a little more to get a little less of a head high. Remember the science nerds in the PloS One study, who reminded us that the majority of THC is unloaded at much higher temperatures.

In between 370 and 390 degrees is where you’ll find some good CBD releases, depending on the flower’s CBD content, which could help provide relief of anxiety and inflammation.

From there, it gets easier:

The higher the temperature, the more THC you’ll consume and you’ll feel a more intense body high.

Between 390 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit, expect the cannabinoid CBN, associated with a sedative effect, to make its appearance.

And, like the journal article said, at temperatures beyond that, THC will be released in greatest abundance.

Of course, the IQ2 gives you more control than merely adjusting the temperature up and down.

The Air Dial on the bottom of your device has four settings to control how much fresh air enters the oven and thus, ends up in the vapor stream.

Daytime use may call for smaller draws and smaller amounts of mind-altering cannabinoids, and thus less airflow.

When you’re truly ready to rip, open up the Air Dial all the way and boost the temperature as high as you dare, and feel the THC start to dance on your body and mind.

And keep in mind the multiple controls available to you via the LED screen or the smartphone app.

Take note of the THC and CBD percentages in your lab-tested, store-bought cannabis and enter those appropriate values into the Dose Control setting.

You’ll be able to track cannabinoid consumption for each session.

Armed with all this information—an understanding of when the cannabinoids and terpenes will be released; the percentage of THC and CBD in your lab-tested flower or concentrate; and knowledge of how to achieve your desired experience with precision through your Da Vinci IQ2—an optimal, consistent vaping experience is easily within reach.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Advanced Vaping Tips: How To Make Your Own Vape Juice

Making your vape juice can be exciting and also frustrating, especially if you have little to no knowledge about the process. One wrong step and your vape juice will be ruined.

All the money you have invested is gone!.

But you’re not alone.

Advanced Vaping Tips: How To Make Your Own Vape Juice: eAskme
Advanced Vaping Tips: How To Make Your Own Vape Juice: eAskme

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Many vape juice users are tired of spending money to refill the vape pens regularly, and some have no idea of how to make their vape juice.

Others have tried a vape juice flavor available online but didn’t get satisfied.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of vape flavors you can still try.

If you’ve decided to make your own, no need to worry.

This article will help you learn the art of making your vape juice. It will save you a few pennies.

Can You Vape CBD Oil?

Vaping is the fastest way of getting the effects.

However, while buying vape e-liquid, ensure you're getting the right products because there is a vast difference between vaping CBD oil and CBD vape juice.

CBD oil isn't vaped as it comes in the form of tincture oil drops.

It is designed for oral consumption. On the other hand, CBD vape oil is the CBD product intended to be vaporized and maintain CBD integrity.

Why Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice?

Is making CBD vape juice at home worth it?

Yes. Learning how to prepare vape juice is a worthwhile effort.

It gives you control by allowing you to customize your CBD vape, including its aspects like terpenes, strength, cloud, and flavor.

Making you won CBD vape brings the same satisfaction level as crafting your own tinctures and extracts.

On top of that, you have peace of mind knowing the ingredients and procedures that went into what you're vaping.

Coming up with a product that suits your tastes and needs may take some time, but it pays off in the long run.

You might find it cheaper because you can make a batch and store it for future use.

Important Tools You Need to Make CBD e-Liquid

The process of making CBD vape juice is simple and requires relatively few ingredients and equipment.

However, take your time to grow and find the best supplies to use.

With the best possible materials, you will have a perfect outcome.

You might already have some of the equipment and ingredients needed since they are everyday kitchen tools.

Other equipment may require you to visit the stores to source the right one.

  • An accurate gram scale for weighing the materials

  • Standard kitchen tools like spoons, funnels, and non-absorbent stirrers

  • Mortar and pestle

  • Sterile bottles for storing the finished products

  • Terpenes or an assortment for flavor

  • A radiator or pan of warm water to provide low heat

  • CBD isolate- it should be translucent slabs or a white powder

  • CBD oil- this should be unflavoured because you will be adding your own terpenes

We recommend that you get your CBD isolate and oil from a reputable dispensary to ensure potency and quality.

How To Make e-Liquid

Once you have all the ingredients and equipment ready, the rest of the process becomes more manageable.

But before you start making the vape juice, calculate the CBD amount you want to add to the product.

For instance, a 10ml bottle of vape juice containing 500mg of CBD would be more potent than a 100ml bottle of e-liquid.

Let’s get into the process:

  • Weigh 0.5g of CBD isolate crystals.

  • Grind your crystals using a mortar and pestle to get a fine consistent powder.

  • Weigh the suitable Vegetable Glycerine/Propylene Glycol ratio and up to 1ml of terpenes.

  • Put the vape juice in the container.

  • Add the CBD isolate powder in the container with vape juice and cover with a lid.

  • Shake the bottle containing the mixture or use a vortex mixer.

  • Heat enough water to submerge the container.

  • When the water is almost boiling, minimize the heat to medium or low, then place the bottle containing the vape juice into the pot for the CBD isolate to dissolve.

  • Remove the vape juice after 5 minutes using your tongs. You can use a vortex mixer or shake it.

  • Place e-liquid on a counter to cool for 30 to 40 minutes.

  • Once it has cooled, use a fine-mesh strainer to pour the vape juice into the glass storage bottle.

  • The CBD vape juice is ready, leave it in a safe place to give the flavors time to steep.

NB: Avoid microwaving the vape juice or using excess heat to speed up the process. It is likely to destroy the essential ingredients.

Can CBD Get Me High?

THC is a cannabinoid that contains a high effect.

CBD doesn't have THC, so it won't get you high.

That means you can add as much CBD into your homemade blend.


You now have the step-by-step guide for preparing your CBD vape juice, go ahead and make one.

Do it regularly to perfect the art and remember to get the right measure for a potent CBD vape juice.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Vaping Technologies: Latest Innovations

Although vaping only appeared on the market in 2003, the industry's innovation continues to advance by leaps and bounds. As electronic devices, vapes have benefited from technological advances over this period.

This has resulted in the models evolving from simple heating devices to reliable and modern kits designed to optimize when using the best vape mod.

Vaping Technologies: Latest Innovations: eAskme
Vaping Technologies: Latest Innovations: eAskme

Since the beginning of the history of the vaping industry, manufacturers have tried to improve their products.

This has contributed to an increase in the demand for vape devices. Since then, more and more people are switching from tobacco smoking to vaping, considering it less harmful and more innovative.

What Is Vaping Technology?

When it comes to vape, things aren't all that hard.

Regardless of your brand or model, every device has three main components.

These include a cartridge containing the fluid of your choice, a battery to heat the liquid, and a vapor chamber to hold the vapor that the user breathes.

Simple in design, vaping is primarily intended to be a viable alternative to smoking, facilitating tobacco transition to gadgets.

To be viable, models must be economical, easy to use, and add value to the user experience.

While many new devices promise to "revolutionize" vaping, the best kits optimize the process or offer functionality that has value to users.

For example, reinforced containers help protect your device from shocks, support settings help you control temperatures, and interface options make it easy to change settings.

These important additional benefits allow you to create fantastic premium kits and affordable entry-level models.

How Vaping works?

Even though there is a relatively large assortment of electronic cigarettes on the market today, which differ from each other in power, design, functionality, and other features, their operation's principle is generally the same.

And the general algorithm of vape operation looks like this:

  • The liquid from the atomizer (tank, drip, or cartridge) goes to the wick and heating coil;
  • The device is activated via a thrust sensor or by pressing a key;
  • When the power circuit is closed, voltage is applied to the spiral;
  • The spiral heats up to certain temperatures;
  • When heated on the surface of the spiral, the liquid turns into vapor;
  • During puffing, steam is supplied through the evaporation chamber and the shaft directly into the user's mouth and lungs.

It is noteworthy that one or another electronic cigarette's operation principle may have minor differences from other devices like the best box mod.

Still, these differences are not of fundamental importance.

The difference is only in some details, the completeness of the transfer of taste and the so-called bulk (the amount of steam produced).

These characteristics largely depend on which class the electronic cigarette belongs to.

Latest Vaping Technologies

The vaping industry looks different today than it did in the past.

The user can now enjoy new conveniences such as Bluetooth, voice activation, and improved batteries.

So let's take a look at what new technologies have taken over the market?


The innovation is a fourth-generation function.

Such electronic cigarettes have only recently appeared on the market. It offers previously impermissible features.

One is voice activation, precisely in the extensive best box mods that require a lot of computer power when receiving a response to dictation.

Devices can interpret voice commands and execute them.

Smart devices will help users to control light, power, and temperature.

Improved vape pod systems

There was a time when vape mods were one of the most popular vaping devices.

However, seasoned vaping users still prefer this type because of the thick smoke and power.

But in the process of development of the industry, the pod system now has improved characteristics.

For the user of the best vape mods, an alternative to the typical 510 thread battery and inconvenient due to the cartridge's size can be the pod system.

It allows you to create nifty, portable e-cigarette mods. Such a device can be used discreetly in various places.

There are positive changes in the container system itself.

For example, recently, models such as the RELX Infinity have become popular. Their innovation lies in reducing leakage and eliminating airflow losses.

These small modules are designed for user convenience.

They can be charged without any problems anywhere: in the car, at work, or home using the universal USB port. Small modules charge quickly.

This makes it much easier to use.


An innovation that few people know about - a device for vape smoking with Bluetooth support.

With this technology, you can track your usage and vaping habits by connecting the best mods via Bluetooth.

As an advantage, we can highlight the ability to block the device.

So other people will not be able to use it if you have lost or vape was stolen.

The innovation is convenient for those already using a suitable vape to track nicotine consumption and liquid volume in their device.

This novelty makes smoking safe and personal.

Battery development

In a couple of years, batteries for vape devices have also been improved.

In the beginning, the batteries were underdeveloped as they did not hold a charge well. Today this is not a problem.

There are many vape batteries on the market that are right for you.

Vaping out of the best box mod vape will help you enjoy vaping to the fullest by creating large clouds - providing the desired effects.

Bottom Line

As our modern world develops, so will electronic cigarettes. This has become apparent over the past couple of years, and it only encourages vapers around the world to look forward to future progress.

Each user is free to focus on their preferences and tastes.

Someone will need a high-performance device with rich functionality.

Someone will want to have the most simple and compact device to replace cigarettes.

Some like to experiment, and therefore solutions can be very different.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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