November 05, 2019

What are CBD tinctures and are they the best way to take Hemp?

Over the last five years we have seen a massive boom within the CBD marketplace. This has meant for a widening range of products being made available to the masses. For instance we now find CBD located in not only pill format but also, gummies, edible food such as brownies and popcorn.

What are CBD tinctures and are they the best way to take Hemp?: eAskme
What are CBD tinctures and are they the best way to take Hemp?: eAskme

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CBD is vastly becoming part of more and more people’s lives and as such being able to identify the best way for you to consume CBD is appropriate.

For many taking CBD is now a daily occurrence and runs as part of a daily wellness scheme, so as such for many the ability to add a further tincture to their regime does not change a lot as it isn’t a time consuming process.

But what is a tincture?

What is a CBD Tincture?

A tincture is a small vial of CBD oil which has been used for many years as a means to get the perfect dose needed for each patient.

The vial comes with a dropper for which the consumer can draw up the CBD oil and then depart it in their mouths with ease.

The process is smooth and easy and does not tend to be a messy affair.

As a delivery mechanism goes CBD tinctures are a great device by which users can swift depart the oil underneath there tongue as is customary.

This provides the consumer with instant gratification as the oil can then seep into their bloodstream instantly.

Compared to other delivery mechanisms such as gummies or creams, the results are instantaneous as with gummies they need to be absorbed in your stomach which takes time.

A similar process is needed with CBD creams as it needs to be absorbed topically.

Many users of which have found CBD tinctures to be a better method in delivery due to its instant effect.

So Is CBD Tinctures The Best Way To Take Hemp?

Thus, with all this in mind, is CBD tinctures the best way to consume hemp?

Well, we think so when waying up consumer’s reviews of other delivery methods, CBD gummies and other CBD topical creams do not  seem to come close in terms of how quickly the effects take hold when compared to that of CBD tinctures.

Although, it is worth noting that CBD in general is a forward thinking area, there is still very little in the way of evidence in terms of the actual effects it has on a person.

Thus, all we have to go on is consumer feedback when comparatively looking at the different delivery systems. To which the majority of users found CBD tinctures to be the best way to consume hemp.

However, the other issue is identifying what is a correct dose of CBD is it one full dropper of CBD oil or a couple of CBD gummies.

Nobody knows as of yet so the best way to take hemp would be to experiment and identify the sweet spot.

This will be where you are feeling the effects of the Hemp at which that should be your perfect dose.

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