September 17, 2014

How to Become a Dentist

Dentists are those who diagnose and treat dental issues and most of them are general practitioners, but some become orthodontists or have other specialty. Usually dentists work as sole proprietor. 

How to Become a Dentist : eAskme
How to Become a Dentist : eAskme

You should follow these steps to become a Dentist

If You Have General features to Be a Dentist :

You should have high interest for science, have good communication skills and outstanding manual dexterity. You also need family support and time. You should take undergraduate courses that can take 3 to 4 years followed by 4 years in dental school. If you want to run your own practice than you should have good sense of business and employee management skills.

Complete Educational Requirements :

To be a dentist in USA, you need to have to attend school and college before to apply to dental school. You should take courses like math, chemistry, health, biology, physics. This will help you to be prepare for your college coursework. You will attend prerequisite dental courses at a college or university.

Enroll In Bachelor Degree :

Generally dental schools want that you have a bachelor degree before taking admission. Some even allow students who already completed 2 or 3 years as undergraduate and allow them to get bachelor degree.

Take Dental Admission Test:

Taking a Dental Admission Test requires you to pay fee and schedule date to take test at Prometric Test Center.  You can see American Dental Association website for more information. It required to get a minimum score to get entrance to dental school.

How long does it take to become a dentist

Get Dental Degree :

This question come in mind of everyone who want to become a dentist athat how many years to become a dentist ? Generally you get results of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in four years. Some states in USA require degree from approved program to get state licence. In first two years of dental school focus is on laboratory and classroom studies. In last two years they focus on clinical practices.

So we know how long does it take to be a dentist it can easily take 4 or more years depending on how good you do and which specialization you choose.

Get licensure :

All dentists in USA requires state licensure for dental practice. They also need passage of The National Board Dental Examination. This exam is in two parts that covers clinical procedures, dental sciences and ethics.

Specialization :

You can choose specialization like Post-DMD or Post-DDS. These options allow dentists to practice in various specialties. ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure has recognized 9 specialties like Pediatric, dental public healtth, dentofacial orthopedics, maxillofacial pathology, orthodontics, Pathology.

So now we know how to become a dentist in USA. You just need to keep your focus on your target and studies. Clear all tests get experience and start your own practice.

Other Career Choices :
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