September 16, 2014

5 Working Link Building Tips for You

Link building is one of the most important factor of Search Engine optimization. You must know what you should do and what not to do when building links. Link building include both off page and on page linking.
5 Working Link Building Tips for You : eAskme
5 Working Link Building Tips for You : eAskme

Relevancy :

Relevancy is one of the most important factor of link building. If you have good Backlinks then quality links from other sites help you increase your website authority. Link from relevant blogs or sites shows search engines that you are in same category and also help you to increase your search engine ranking easily.

Anchor Text :

Anchor text is very important to get high search engine ranking. Use variation of anchor text and also keywords to create links to your website. If you use "Work home" today then use "home Work" tomorrow.

Deep Linking :

You should do deep linking to internal pages of your blog or site. Not only on homepage but also on your blog posts you should link your posts to old posts. Deep linking also shows the relevancy of the old page to search engines. Try to get 5 to 15 links in each page of your site.

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Authority :

Authority of your page is also very important to increase search engine ranking. try to get links from established websites only. Also try to get links from educational, military and government sites as this make your site or blog more of an authority. Creating link worthy content will help you gain backlinks.

Consistency :

Try to be consistent to build links. Do not do that you make links one day and nothing next day. keep link building everyday.

Do share your own ways to build links.