How to be a Nurse

Nursing industry always have shortage of nurses, so opportunities to be a Nurse are widely open in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, home health care and doctor`s offices. To become a Nurse, you should know the way to enter into health-care profession.

How to be a Nurse : eAskme
How to be a Nurse : eAskme
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How to Become a Nurse ?

Becoming nurse is the way that open lot of opportunities and options in your career, it also open a good opportunity to make money. To know how to become a nurse you should read this article:

Get GED or high school diploma:

To be a nurse no matter you want to be Rn or LPN or any other type, first you need to complete your high school. Get decent grades to enter into good college. You should have interest in math, English and science. These three are the main subject of nursing programs worldwide, no matter for which license you apply.

Get beginner level job in health-care industry:

This step is not much important but if you follow this thsi can give benefit to you in your career. This is a great step if you want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). It shows that you are serious about your career and also you get experience. Even if you do work at clinics or do admin work at local hospital will make your resume look great and also you will get used to the environment of healthcare industry. The more experience you have the better job you get.

Decide which type is better for you RN or LVN/LPN:

LPNs, RNs and CNAs you can see usually in hospitals. LPN is Licensed Vocational Practical (vocational) nurse. LVN is Licensed Vocational Nurse or LPN is Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). LPN/LVN work under supervision of Registered Nurse. Ask your school about their BSN or ADN program. LVN/LPNs take NCLEX-PN exam, as opposed to NCLEX-RN exam.

Search your path to become a Registered Nurse (RN):

  • Get an Associate`s Degree in Nursing (ADN). This usually take two to three years and allow you to be in NCLEX exam after graduation.
  • Get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This usually take four years and allow you to be in NCLEX exam after graduation.
  • Obtain diploma from an Approved Nursing Program. These program have decreased a lot in number in past years.
  • Get though military. You can get training through ROTC nursing program at university or collage and it take two to four years.
  • Difference is that if you get BSN it allow you to pursue teaching , leadership position.

Select a Nursing School:

  • Now you know about these terms and course now we look for schools. 
  • After deciding your career goal, search for hospitals and schools. decide on how much money you want to spend? Do you want to do full time or part time course. Do you want to stay in campus?
  • Some schools even have long wait lists because of so many people are jumping in this career and course. So esquire about this first.

Get accepted in school:

  • Many schools ask for transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, letters and essay of recommendation and on job experience.
  • They see if you have letter of recommendation from those who are already associated and working in health-care industry. On job experience is great for essay.
  • On essay just write what you believe. You can write about doing something that matter, helping people, changing world these topics are easy to write for essay.

How long does it take to become a nurse?

As you see it can take 2 to four years depending on the course and institute you choose. You when you choose a course or institute than choose wisely.

Study and get license

Be the best student :

You will be studying Nutrition, chemistry, physiology, microbiology, anatomy and other behavioral sciences. Give importance to your subjects. Motivate yourself.

Clinicals : As doctors have internship training, nurses have clinicals training. It is the part of education. But it is practical. Most of the clinical focus on some specialization, like surgical, psychiatric, maternity or pediatrics. You can have stress as you work with real patients and you are newbie. But remember everyone goes through this so motivate yourself.

Preparation for Boards:

This will test your knowledge in variety of different health-care domains. You will have 5 hours to complete this test. Number of questions can change person to person. This test will go on till you get 95% accuracy.

Pass exam to get license:

Study, study, and sleep is the best formula to get pass. You should know that 83% candidates pass in their very first attempt so you should not stress yourself. Average time test takes is 2.5 hours and average number for question around 118.

Find employment in desired department:

  • NO after getting license, you should think about in which health-care domain you want to work. Do you want to be exciting ? all-encompassing? Full of babies?
  • Baby boomers are much taking over.To ensure job stability you should have 55+ demographic. You can choose pediatrics but you face lot of unfair images. If you want to work in scheduled hours than be surgical nurse.

Advance your career :

After spending number of hours in your health-care department you will be able to get some certification, that can be surgical, geriatrics or psych. You hospital also offer you some training, seminars and classes. This will increase your pay. take it as a badge of honor for the hours you spending on floor.

Be mentally ready:

These is a lot that nurses face everyday. That can be nasty infections, excrement and vomits. You should be mentally fit for all this. Sometimes you can feel guilty for something happed to someone, but that is not in your control. Your schedule can be intense. You could be working continuous two days and nights. Or you can be called even on your off days.

Always Know your options:

You can have many options to work not only hospitals but also you can work in private homes, doctor`s offices, nursing homes and in clinics. You can be traveling nurse also. You should choose wisely.

Get Job:

  • If you get job in hospital its good , if not than apply everywhere or anywhere. Need of nurses are booming and many places still prefer freshers. If your employer`s turnover rate is 
  • % or higher than its good for you to get out when you can. Ask guidance and training. Some give you training about machines. 

Maintain your Credibility and Licenceure:

Your employer usually let you have seminars, certification classes and workshops so you be up-to-date and maintain your licensure. Some times the licence you get in one state may not be valid in other state in U.S.A. but this situation is changing as states are entering in The Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement. Reatek your exams. Always keep an eye on laws to keep your license active.

Get more education and improvement:

No matter you have LPN or BSN or ADN there is always plenty of more education to learn. You can get Master of Science in Nursing within 1 or 2 years. this will allow you to become Clinical nurse specialist, Nurse-midwife, Nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. After that you can go anywhere and do anything.

How much do nurses make a year ?

This question come in mind of everyone who want or dreams of to be a nurse. Nursing is career that have vast opportunities and also full of knowledge. So the earning in this field totally depends upon your own knowledge and credibility. You should try to get certifications to improve your own skills and you can earn thousands of USD per month by being a Nurse. So now you know how much do nurses make a year that can be around millions of USD.

We feel glad to answer this question of Miranda (U.S.A). If you also have any question please do let us know. We will be glad to answer more questions.

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