September 04, 2014

How to do Image Optimization for SEO?

Nowadays, reaching a good ranking is a complex process. Image optimization and on-page optimization are the basic steps for the SEO campaign.
There are many other factors other than quality content like on-page optimization, and you can use your screenshots to get traffic from Flickr.

Image optimization is one of the most important factors of on-page optimization. We all know "Picture is better than a thousand words."

If you use them properly, they can give your message, or if you don't, they can destroy your chances of a good impression. Images are also a good source of traffic from google image search.

The most critical factors of Image Optimization include the title tag, alt tag, image linking, image name, and image size.
How to do Image Optimization for SEO?: eAskme
How to do Image Optimization for SEO?: eAskme

Image Optimization for SEO Techniques :

Relevant Images :

The image should be relevant to the content for image optimization for SEO.

A picture of a Ferrari on-page of the train will do no good.

This is an essential step.

Alt Tag :

This is one of the most important factors of on-page optimization. Alt means alternate.

Text in alt tag shows if the image cannot load or take too much time to load.

Most search engines do not read images. They read the text in the alt tag.

Image spaces show blank space to search engines, which is not good.

You should fill this space with an alt tag that tells search engines that an image is there and tells the name of that image.

Keep alt tags short but descriptive. Enter search engine optimized info.

Hosting and Image Size :

It is a crucial factor for user experience.

Keep your image low in bytes, so your page does not go heavy and take time to load.

Image Hosting also helps you to drive traffic from Google Image Search.

It is believed that images hosted on the same domain give good ranking and traffic.

It also matters that how images are blended with text on the page.

Image Name :

Give an image name relevant to your content and use keywords to write the image name.

Title Tag and Image linking :

Images catch the eye of visitors, so it's always better to link photos.

But avoid linking images directly. Use anchor text to link images. Use title tag to link images.

Use relevant seo friendly descriptions and keywords.

Let us know if use some other Image optimization techniques.

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