September 20, 2023

How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content?

Creative visuals and image optimization are the rocking factors to improve content marketing. But, how to choose memorable images for your content?

Most people think that by just filling content with images can make content engaging.

Which is wrong.

The best way is always to use at least one image or more than one images in your content that complements to your post to headings.

How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme
How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

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Images should make it easy for readers to identify the sections of essential pieces of content and effectively spread the idea.

Now the question is what type of images are memorable and how you should include them in your content?

Here is How?

How Many Images Should Content Have?

How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

When it comes to picking memorable images for your content, most of the people have a common question, "How many images I should use in Content or blog post?"

The answer is: There is no defined number for images you should include in your content.

Images should be there to make the communication easier.

Adding a whole lot of images in your content will not help as long as they are not relevant. Or leave an impression.

Too many images can turn off the readers' interest in your content.

The number of images depends upon the following factors:

  • Topic
  • Audience
  • Content type
If you are writing for beginners, then you need to add more images to explain steps. The best example of this is

If you are writing for the advanced or experienced audience, then you do not need images to explain steps. You only need images to tell the idea.

Also, focus on the impact of the images you are using in your content.

If you are writing for entrepreneurs, then you may not need images. the big reason is that entrepreneurs do not work themselves, but they outsource the work and control the quality.

Picking memorable images is a tedious task.

Tip: First focus on your audience, understand buyer personas, etc.

It's the time to skyrocket your content marketing strategy by picking memorable images for your blog post.

Stock Photos:

Stock free Photos: How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

Stock photos work as a big time saver for most of the bloggers or marketers.

There is no issue in using high quality, topic-specific, free stock photos as features image.

But are you adding the stock photos in body content?

If yes, then you should stop doing it.

Stock photos work amazingly as featured images, but they are completely useless when using in the body content.

Body content is for users and adding stock photos will not help to improve the user experience.

Rather than using generic stock photos you should use screenshots or creative visuals.

Stock photos in body content can bring negative impact.

TakeAway: Stop using stock photos in the body of your blog post

So what yo use then?

Here is the answer.

Tutorials, walkthroughs, and Screenshots:

Tutorials, walkthroughs, and Screenshots: How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

The best quality of memorable images is that they are thought-provoking and actionable.

Tutorials, walkthroughs, and Screenshots are the best types of actionable content that you can use to improve communication.

Here you should remember that best way to share tutorials is by showing them.

Using thought-provoking images creatively show what you want to share.

To make the images memorable highlight the critical areas or points.

Use tools like Evernote or Skitch.

Adding walkthroughs and screenshots will help it easy for readers to digest your content.

TakeAway: Use actionable images.


GIfs: How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

Gif's are interesting, entertaining and creative ways to energize the boring content.

There are tons of Gif's available online that you should use, but only when necessary.

Remember: Gif's are not for every post or every content or every audience.

Use them wisely to add funny and entertaining factors to your content.

Add Gif's to your content only for informal posts.

TakeAway: Use Gif's to spice up boring content.

Custom Visuals:

Custom Visuals: How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

Finding memorable images is not an easy task. If you are not able to find one, then create one.

When finding images, you may encounter tons of generic, boring, overused and cited images.

Creating custom visuals is the way to make memorable images for your content.

By adding custom visuals to your content, you will bring uniqueness and more opportunities to build backlinks.

At eAskme also, I have used many custom visuals and find out that they perform better than the stock photos.

If you look at the content marketing campaigns, you will find out that the images used in such campaigns are custom, unique and branded.

TakeAway: If you want to add memorable images in your content then start creating custom visuals.

You can hire freelancers or use infographic tools to develop images for your next blog post.

Final Words:

Content with no-images can load faster, but it will miss one of the engaging ingredients.

Adding images in content add more flavor, boost social sharing, traffic, and engagement.

Avoid adding stock images to your blog post body. Use engaging and practical images relevant to your content.

Walkthroughs, screenshots, and tutorials are the best ways to use memorable images blog posts.

If you are still not able to find a creative visual, then develop custom images using Photoshop or other tools.

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