October 23, 2014

Best Free Antivirus for Android Mobiles and Tablets

Android is one of the fastest growing marketplace and so as the threat of hacking of android devices. To make sure that your phone stay safe, the simplest method is to use best antivirus app on android phone or tablets. I highly recommend that you should have an antivirus on your phone. It is best to start using antivirus from first day when you start using your phone.

Securing your data must be your top priority. Mostly you have most of your personal information on your phone. So it should be secure. We not only have numbers and texts but also account details, Internet transactions, they all should be secure so you do not lose money.

Today we talk about a list of top 10 free antivirus for Android to make your phone secure for everything that you do on it and protect your personal data.

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10 Best Antivirus App for Android Devices

AVG Antivirus Security:

AVG is one of the best anitivirus provider that protect your systems and machines from malware and phishing. They have two versions of app, one is free and one is pro. They have one of the best anti-theft feature that is in both free and pro versions.

Free versions have basic features that are actually good for anyone. Where pro version ahs locking features like app locking, sim locking, backups. Download AVG Antivirus Security 


BitDefender also provide antivirus app for android devices. It is best to use Bitdefender Antivirus free version. The best thing is that it is very light and support even older versions of android. This provide security like anti-malware, anti phishing and anti-virus scans. It has good performance and really easy to use.  Download Bitdefender Antivirus from Here 

360 Security Antivirus Free:

As its name suggest it provide 360 protections to any device. They have features like SMS blocker, call blocker, phone cleaner, anti-theft, cache cleaner, Memory Booster etc.This has awesome UI and run automatic scans whenever you install any new app. It also help you to clean trash and residual files.  Download 360 Security Antivirus from Here 

Dr. Web v.9 Anti-virus Light:

It is extremely light antivirus app. It get lesser updates so this is better for those who have small data plans. It offer quick scan, custom scan and full scan. This device also protect you from ransom attacks as it has feature “Removing Locker Ransom-ware”. Download Dr. Web v.9 Antivirus from here 

Kaspersky Internet Security:

Its free version have basic features that are essential for an antivirus. Paid version offer you more features like cloud protection and anti-phishing. BUt this app is not good for lower-end devices and also this app do not offer realtime protection against malware and virus in free version. Download Kaspersky Antivirus from here 

Antivirus and Security | Lookout :

This app offer you tremendous features like anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-theft. It also save last location when your battery was critically low. You just need to register for this app.

In most of android devices this come preinstalled. But this show many popup notification that can irritate many people. But still it is a good protection for your android phone. Download Lockout Security and Antivirus from here 

Norton Security and Antivirus:

Norton is the name that always show a picture of an antivirus. Its free version have very basic features like removing viruses and malwares. It also offer remote locking of phone via SMS. But this have only 30 days free access.

It`s "Sneak peek" feature is awesome as it take pics of anyone who use your phone when you lost it. Download Norton Antivirus from here 

TrustGo – Antivirus & Mobile Security:

This ia a simplistic and standard app. It have basic features like Anti-malware, anti-virus, secure browsing and data backup. It is very simple that`s why many people like it.

This app has essential features. It has an awesome “Candid Camera Thief ID” feature which take pics of anyone using your phone when you lost it. Download Trust Go Mobile Security from here 

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus:

This is also one of the most famous antivirus available. It have lots of features like backup, app locking, secure browsing, firewall, network meter, privacy report and much more.

This is a good app that provide a lot of security. It is  recommended for rooted phones. Older phone can have little problem as it is little heavy. Download Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus from here

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CM Security AppLock & Antivirus:

I personally recommend this app as the "Best App" that provide absolutely free features that many other paid apps provide. This is highly popular app with good rating.

It has features like Anti-Virus, Anti-theft with scream mode and Google map, Anti-malware etc. This is a very light wight app and good for older phones also. Download CM Security Applock and Antivirus 

This is the list of best Antivirus android apps that are free and good to secure your phone from hacking and virus attacks. Do let us know which work best for you.  Don`t forget to share this article with your friends and family who use android phones.